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IKEA Delivery | Should You Tip the Driver?

The last thing I want to do is miss out on tipping a delivery driver because I’m not sure. I would feel awful to find out later that, while unofficial, there is a common practice for tipping the people who perform the service.

It can be difficult to know what to do. Tipping is not expected, but I feel that people doing a job I chose not to are deserving of a little extra. But not everyone has the same policy for tipping, so I will outline the different views, as well as how much and how best to tip.

Tipping is neither mandatory nor prohibited, and there are differing opinions on when and how much to give. The amount depends on the size and difficulty of the task, with tips commonly ranging from $5-$20. This can be increased or reduced accordingly. Make sure the money is on hand.

Tipping IKEA Delivery Driver Is Optional

Ultimately, it’s your choice whether you want to tip the delivery crew or not.

These drivers (whether from IKEA or a third-party delivery service hired by IKEA) are employed for these deliveries and are paid with the assumption that they will not be receiving tips (unlike waiters).

They are not prohibited from accepting tips, though. So, it’s up to you. There are some factors—or arguments—that may influence how you go about it.

Opinions on Tipping IKEA Delivery Drivers

There are a lot of opinions out there about tipping drivers. So, I have compiled a collection of the most common among those opinions. You can read through them and see which you agree with most and tip or don’t tip based on that.

They Get Paid to Deliver

Some say that tipping for IKEA deliveries is unnecessary as the crew is paid specifically to perform this service, just like any other employee. This is also why it costs more to have in-home deliveries because they are accounting for the extra pay the team gets for having to carry items inside.

Men wearing blue uniform and cap delivering boxes

IKEA delivery driver salaries are estimated at approximately $14.54 per hour, which complies with the national average rate. The average current salary range per year (as of 2022) is $29,000-$42,500. This means that you are not obliged to provide the unspoken tip rate.

They Don’t Get Paid Enough

However, others may argue that these drivers don’t get paid enough, especially if they have worked in a similar industry. These people also point out that the drivers do rely on tips to supplement their income.

Even if they just get paid an extra $5 per trip, this could make a difference to their monthly and yearly income.

They are doing physical labor in this job and are responsible for carrying and positioning all the furniture you can’t manage. So, it can be seen as the decent thing to do. Plus, it saves you the hassle of fitting it into your car or picking up the items or getting an uber.

Depends on Delivery Difficulty or Size

Some people believe that tipping and the amount given should reflect the size and difficulty of the delivery.

I know when I ask for in-home deliveries, it’s because I don’t think I can manage to move my item around or get it through to the room myself.

Just think, every time you opt for the delivery service to take care of moving furniture you would find difficult, it’s these people who have the task instead. So, it makes sense to tip people with the tough job of lifting all the heavy furniture.

Consider factors like how hard it is to get the furniture to you or into your home.

For example, look at how far they must travel to you (longer trips mean fewer deliveries in a day), if you live in an apartment block and they have to carry the items up stairs, or if they will have to navigate tricky corners and narrow doorways and stairs in your home.

Spiral European style staircase

Service Must Warrant a Tip

Your tip can also depend on the quality of service from the drivers.

This opinion often overlaps with the previous one. These people will usually tip based on size and difficulty because of how “valuable” the service is. For example, having the drivers deliver your bed into your room is more valuable than dropping a box off on your porch.

However, they also account for the attitude and proficiency of the delivery people. For example, if they expect a tip, it may not be given on principle. Or if they are rude or are considered unprofessional in any way, the tip won’t be given. And so on.

The amount tipped can also be affected by how well they deliver the items. If they take a long time, bump into walls, dirty the floor, or knock things over, the tip will be reduced.

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How Much to Tip IKEA Delivery Drivers

The amount for tipping is generally based on the size of the item or the average size of the items in larger deliveries and it is typically between $5 -$20.

Smaller items that are easier to carry often get a $5 tip. These are your lamps, stools, and other more lightweight items.

Larger items are commonly tipped $10 to $20. The difference here being bookcases and bed frames vs. sofas, media centers, fridges, and dishwashers. You tip more for delivery of the heaviest kinds of IKEA items.

You can also tip in the higher ranges (or beyond) if the delivery is more difficult. For example, if they had to carry that sofa up several flights of stairs.

Tips for Giving IKEA Drivers Tips

There is etiquette for giving the drivers tips.

You need to give the team a cash tip. There is no tipping function when you pay for the delivery, and the drivers won’t have a pay point with them.

Man handing out tip

Thankfully, if you know you are expecting a delivery, considering the items you ordered, you can get cash ahead of time.

Have the tip on hand so you don’t delay the drivers from their next job by making them wait while you fish it out of your wallet.

You can also ensure that the cash is easy to split between the crew.

Depending on your policy on tipping, you can set an amount in your head but have a little extra on hand in case they do a good job and you want to give more. Of course, you can always reduce the amount if you feel the service is unsatisfactory.

If you cannot afford a cash tip or couldn’t get the cash in time, you can offer an alternative, such as a bottle of water or soda. This way, you can still show your gratitude for their service.


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