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IKEA Delivery | Does It Include Assembly?

Some people find furniture assembly fun, while others are somewhat less inclined to put together a human-sized puzzle made from heavy slabs of wood and a confusing array of screws that all look the same but apparently aren’t.

For those who are drawn to the price or style of IKEA furniture and not the “DIY” aspect, it would certainly be great if the option to have your furniture assembled at home was included with the delivery fees!

IKEA delivery does not include assembly. Delivery and assembly are outsourced to different companies that specialize in that task only (i.e., delivery or assembly). However, assembly can be arranged at the same time as delivery and can be arranged for the same day as delivery.

IKEA Delivery Does Not Include Assembly

IKEA actually does not deliver their own items. They use third-party delivery companies like FedEx and other independent delivery providers in each area.

Because IKEA sends their items out through these third-party carriers, you will be receiving your furniture from people who are only tasked with delivery. They are not in any way directly affiliated with IKEA, are not trained in furniture assembly, and are unfortunately unable to help you in this regard.

Man in blue shirt holding a package in front of a customer's door while the customer signs for the receiving list

You Can Arrange Assembly at the Same Time

Although assembly is not included with your delivery, you can still have an assembly scheduled for the same day that your furniture will arrive!

In 2017, IKEA purchased TaskRabbit, a contract labor marketplace where you can hire “taskers” to complete various services for you. 

Because of this, you are able to hire someone to assemble your furniture for you through TaskRabbit!

Assembly Cost

Assembly cost does vary from item to item. However, if you find your desired product on the IKEA website, you can actually see the estimated assembly cost directly on its page. 

It appears that most small- to medium-sized items cost between $20 and $50; items with many elements, like drawers, tend to be on the higher end of that.

On the other hand, large and complex pieces, like wardrobes with multiple drawers and shelves or bed frames with storage, tend to run between $80-150. 

The cost can also differ depending on the Tasker you choose to do the assembly. The difference is because these Takers are independent companies/teams, so their pricing structures can vary.

How Does the Assembly Service Work?

There are two ways to book an assembly through TaskRabbit.

The first is to order online and request a quote on your purchased items during the checkout.

From here, you’ll receive an e-mail that contains price quotes and a link to a page that will allow you to select a “Tasker” and schedule an appointment with them.

The second method of booking an assembly is to go directly to the TaskRabbit website, input the item(s) that need assembling, and then select a Tasker and appointment time through there.

How the Assembly Service of IKEA Work

Either way, your payment will be processed online like any other online purchase or hiring service. In fact, TaskRabbit is a cashless (card-only) platform. If you want to tip your Tasker, you can do so on the TaskRabbit website or app after the appointment is over!

Although you can schedule your assembly for the same day as your delivery, it might be a good idea to set it for a day or two after your furniture is set to arrive if at all possible. This helps to account for any delays in shipping.

If for some reason, your furniture delivery is going to be delayed past the assembly appointment, you’ll need to contact your Tasker ASAP to let them know about a potential delay. If you need to cancel, you may need to pay a one-hour fee to make up for the time that they are losing out on.

As part of the assembly process, the Tasker you hire will unwrap your furniture for you, assemble it with their own tools, and even secure your furniture to the wall if you request that they do so.

(Please note- if your furniture’s instructions require securing furniture to the wall, your Tasker is required to do so for safety and liability reasons. If you do not want this, you’ll have to assemble your furniture yourself.)

Is the Assembly Service Worth it?

Whether or not paying for assembly is worthwhile depends on you and your situation.

Just bear in mind that IKEA products are designed so that even those unfamiliar with the process will be able to assemble their furniture. Most of the time, the tools you’ll need for putting your furniture together will be included as well.

When It’s Worth It

You Are in a Hurry

Let’s say you need a bed assembled ASAP for a guest who’s arriving tomorrow. Or perhaps you’ve just moved into a new place, but you’re too busy with work to complete big “side” tasks, like putting your new dresser together. 

Whatever the reason, it can be a huge relief not to have to worry about finding several hours to fumble around with assembly.

The Item Is Big and Heavy

Getting help with assembly can also be well worth the cost if the item you have purchased is large and bulky.

Large or heavy items like bed frames, dressers, and bookshelves can all be difficult, unwieldy, and potentially even dangerous to assemble on your own.

In fact, IKEA often recommends having at least two people work on assembly in the instructions for large pieces.

Man and woman sitting on the floor looking at the instructions manual to assemble a big furniture

Complex Builds

Complexity can definitely play a factor in whether or not self-assembly is best, as well. Furniture with many shelves or drawers or that simply has a large number of parts can be difficult to put together on your own.

If you aren’t familiar with furniture assembly or lose track of things easily, you may have an easier time simply hiring someone who is trained to do so.

This Type of Task Stresses You Out

Even if your furniture isn’t super hefty or time-consuming, sometimes it can still be a pain to put together.

If you know you get easily frustrated or if you aren’t the type to enjoy solving puzzles or working with your hands, then it may be better to leave the task to someone else.

Sometimes, forcing yourself to endure the mental and emotional stress of a task you don’t enjoy just isn’t worth it.

When It’s Not Worth It

Simple Builds

Sometimes, very simple furniture will not require a lot of time to assemble at all. If you’ve ordered a more minimally designed nightstand, chair, or table without a lot of bells and whistles, it might be worth it to try self-assembly. 

Typically, when you hire somebody, you pay for at least an hour, even if they complete the task in less time. That means if it only takes your hired help 15 minutes to put your chair together, you’ll still be paying them for a full hour.

Small Items

It should be noted that simplicity includes size, not just the actual complexity of the design.

Let’s say you order a nightstand with a few drawers. Nightstands are usually designed to be small, so assembly shouldn’t take long, even if you account for these extra elements.

You may not need the help of an extra person or a professional if you’re just putting together any similarly-sized items. 

You Have the Time and Patience

If you aren’t in a time crunch and/or you do enjoy solving a good problem, it may be worth buckling down and putting together your furniture on your own.

Remember, IKEA furniture is designed to be simple to put together, so most people should eventually be able to figure out how to complete the task, even if it does take you a bit longer than someone you could hire.

Money Is Tight

Money can be tight sometimes, and hiring out may not be within the budget, even if you might prefer to do so.

Again, IKEA furniture is meant for anyone to be able to assemble their own pieces! Therefore, it should be within your capabilities even if such tasks are normally frustrating or confusing for you. 

Woman wearing a hat while screwing the steel support for a wooden table

Plus, if you need extra assistance, it’s likely you can even find video tutorials; many IKEA items have one, or you can call in a friend who is good at that kind of work.

For more detailed information, check out my article: IKEA Assembly Service | Is It Worth It?

Avoid Delivery

If you were hoping that having your furniture delivered meant that you could also receive assistance with assembly, it may be better to avoid delivery altogether.

Of course, some people don’t live near an IKEA and have no choice but to arrange delivery. However, if you do have the option to pick up your furniture (even if you end up needing to rent a truck or a trailer) then that’s a much better way to go.

Unfortunately, IKEA has a pretty bad track record when it comes to deliveries—from missing items to delivering wrong orders, indefinite delays, and just plain difficult communication. And you can’t change to click and collect if you are having delivery headaches.

The money you would plan to spend on delivery would be better spent on a vehicle rental and/or assembly, especially if assembly was what you were looking for, anyways!


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