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Will Uber Take IKEA Furniture | Helpful Table & Tips

When Uber was introduced to the world, it was a great way to get to and from your various destinations without needing to hail a taxi or drive your own car. Another good use of Uber is that they provide the ability for you to transport your shopping from the store and to your home when you don’t have a car. You can walk to the store, thereby saving some money, and then call up an Uber to tote you and your groceries home whenever you are ready.

However, not everything is able to fit into the Uber driver’s car; the cars in the service are not standardized because each driver provides his/her own car. But the size of the Uber vehicle is not the only reason why you may not be able to Uber home with your new flatpack bed.

In general, Ubers don’t like taking IKEA furniture; heavy, numerous, large, sharp, or dirty boxes and small cars are a deterrent. Drivers refuse rides if they would have to help load/offload, or it is peak Uber times with easier fare options. Call the driver, tell them about the boxes, and offer a good tip.

Factors Affecting if Uber Will Take IKEA Furniture

Size of Vehicle

As mentioned, a major factor that will affect whether or not your Uber will take your Ikea furniture is if the size of the vehicle can accommodate the size of the furniture.

For instance, suppose your Uber driver drives a small two-door car with a tiny trunk, and you bought a chair that you would like to take home. In this case, there is zero chance that the Uber driver will agree to take your furniture because it will simply not fit into the car.

IKEA products are packaged with the average-sized vehicle’s dimensions in mind to extend the affordability of their items to the process of getting them home in the customer’s own vehicle—or an Uber by extension.

New cars; various vehicles

Size and Shape of Furniture

Even if the Uber car technically can fit some furniture, the size and shape of the furniture you buy might not be able to fit into the car or the trunk without forcing the doors or to remain open.

If you purchase a tall bok case or bed, then there are likely to be longer pieces and thus longer boxes.

In cases like this, your Uber driver will not want to accept your request for a ride because it is illegal to have bits and pieces sticking out of the car and, of course, all doors need to be closed. The driver will also not likely enjoy having long boxes invade their driving space, cutting off peripheral vision.

I have compiled an extensive list of the average sizes of IKEA’s boxes based on furniture category.

Number of Boxes

If you have purchased a number of items from Ikea and want to take them home, then the number of boxes you have might be a problem.

One or two small boxes that can either fit on the seat next to you or at your feet really won’t be a problem, but if the boxes overtake the car and cannot only fit into the trunk but also have to be piled on the seat, the driver’s view might become obstructed and that is a huge no-no.

It might be better to get the items delivered to your home.

Side view of delivery woman talking on smartphone and writing; uber driver; boxes inside a vehicle

Loading Times

Another factor that might affect whether or not your Uber will take your furniture is how long it will take to load and offload the furniture, which also becomes a factor with numerous boxes.

Think about it; Uber drivers make their own hours; the more they work the more money they make. If you have multiple pieces of furniture with you that you need to load and offload one by one, you will be taking up their valuable time which they won’t appreciate at all.

The same applies to bulky or oddly shaped items that require maneuvering and cajoling to fit in the car just well enough that the doors can close.


Let’s be real; money talks. If the only option you have for transporting your furniture is to call an Uber, then you need to be prepared to sway the driver with a tip before you even get into the car. The driver is more likely to agree to your request if they know they will be getting compensated for their time.

Smiling taxi driver talking with female passenger

If your driver goes even further and helps you load and offload the items, then a tip is definitely necessary. It might even work out cheaper than getting the goods delivered from the store, directly to your home.

Time of Day

Not everyone is a morning person, but it is probably more likely for an Uber driver to accept your request to transport your furniture if it is at the start of their shift as opposed to the end. No one wants to lug boxes and wait for someone to unpack the car while your stomach is rumbling for dinner or you desperately want to sleep.

Another reason why the time of day makes a difference is that there are peak times when Uber drivers are in higher demand. If your ride is going to take longer because of your boxes, then the Uber driver will be losing out on potential clients. If, on the other hand, there is a lull, then the uber driver will more likely be happy with any fare that they can get.

Uber Driver

Disregarding all other factors, if your Uber driver does not want to take you with your furniture, then that is that. He or she might not want the added risk of damaging your items in transit or might simply not want their seats possibly damaged or dirtied by the boxes or furniture.

When Uber Is Unlikely to Take IKEA Furniture

QuestionAnswerUber Driver Will Likely Take the Furniture
Will the seats need to be lowered?NoThe driver will probably agree to take the furniture as long as he isn’t required to make adjustments to his car, like lowering the seats.
Will loading or unloading take more than a few minutes?NoIf you won’t take very much longer to get in the car with your purchases than you would take without them, then the driver is more likely to take you and your IKEA purchase.
Will the driver have to help load?NoIf you can manage to load and unload the car alone, the driver will probably allow the ride as it doesn’t require any extra effort from their side.
Is it peak ride time?NoIf the Uber driver’s options are your fare or no fare, they are much more likely to take you and your IKEA furniture home to maximize their earnings.
Are there many passengers as well as furniture?NoIf the car is not going to be packed with passengers as well as furniture, the driver will likely accept your ride. Too many people along with furniture would make for an uncomfortable ride.
Are you willing to tip generously?YesThe driver will be more likely to accept the ride if he knows he will receive sufficient compensation to make up for any time lost.
Is the furniture sufficiently packaged, i.e., no sharp edges sticking out?YesA driver is unlikely to accept the fare if any sharp edges of the packaging or furniture are poking out. Sharp edges can easily cause damage to the interior of the car.
Is the item heavy?NoHeavier loads in a car cause more fuel consumption and wear and tear on the car, so an Uber driver is unlikely to want to transport a heavy lounge chair as it will end up costing more than a normal ride. If you have a lighter item that weighs no more than a second person, then they are more likely to accept the job.

Tips for Asking Uber to Take IKEA Furniture

Sometimes you really have no other option than to call an Uber in order to transport your furniture. In order to improve the chances of the Uber accepting the ride, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Call the driver immediately to give them details of the pick-up. Include information such as how many boxes you have, how big the furniture or package is, and if it is just you accompanying the goods.
  • The driver will be super likely to accept your request if you offer a generous tip upfront. If there is a place to buy food nearby, perhaps purchase an extra water or chocolate to thank them in addition to the tip.
  • The customer may always be right, but you should be super polite to your driver. If you are rude, they will definitely not want to give you a ride, regardless of whether you have furniture to transport or not.
  • If you assure the driver that you have a blanket to lay down on the seats in order to protect the interior of the car, they will appreciate the effort and will be likely to assist you.
  • Avoid planning your shopping for peak time in Uber’s routes.

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