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IKEA Sofas | Do They Come in Boxes?

I don’t know about you, but when I think of IKEA, I only think of wooden pieces—shelves, bookcases, wardrobes, bed frames, etc. Sofas just don’t come to mind when I think of “DIY furniture.”

The reality, of course, is that IKEA sofas are, in fact, a thing, and they are just like any other furniture products sold at the store. That includes their packaging, which I’m about to go into more detail about!

IKEA sofas come in boxes and are in need of assembly. Most come in 2-4 boxes. The number, weight, and size of the boxes in which IKEA sofas come are listed on the product page online.

IKEA Sofas Are Packaged in Boxes

Just like all other IKEA furniture, IKEA sofas are not sold fully constructed; their individual parts are flat-packed into boxes and are in need of assembly.

Since all their parts are separate, the boxes are simply necessary for keeping everything safe, clean, and grouped together so that nothing gets lost.

How Many Boxes Do the Sofas Come In?

IKEA couches vary in size and complexity. Naturally, the number of boxes they come in will vary as well. 

After looking at many IKEA sofas, I found that some smaller and simpler pieces like loveseats come in just one box. 

White love seat sofa, one open package and one close package from IKEA

However, you will find that most IKEA sofas will come in 2 to 4 boxes.

It seems that each sofa’s frame is contained in 1-3 boxes depending on its size, while any remaining boxes hold any cushions and pillows that may come with it. 

You should also know, however, that some larger couches and corner couches—especially those that come with a large set of pillows—can come in a rather large number of boxes, to say the least. To be specific, I found that one sofa comes in a whopping set of 15 boxes!

For reference, I noted that the sofas with more “boxy” and supportive seat cushions and large, separate back pillows were the ones that came in larger sets of boxes—which makes sense.

Size of the Boxes

Let’s start with the large. I took a look at two of the biggest couches on IKEA’s website.

For sofa number one, the biggest box in the set was nearly 90″ long, about 30″ in width, and a foot high.

For sofa number two, the biggest box in the set was about 60″ long, 30″ wide, and 12″ high. 

It seems that across the board, although length can vary, IKEA’s biggest boxes tend to be about 30″ wide and 12″ high as a maximum. 

Although box length is the most unpredictable, you should be able to fit even the biggest boxes in an average car—at least, if you are able to put your seats down to create a longer space inside your vehicle.

However, it should be noted that some IKEA sofas have several large boxes in the set. Additionally, some come with multiple boxes. So, even if you can fit the largest box(es) in your car, you need to make sure you have room for another one or two (or ten!) smaller boxes as well! 

This may mean that you need to bring along a friend or family member with a second vehicle, especially if they have a truck or SUV.

Otherwise, you might even consider renting a truck or having your IKEA order delivered instead

Weight of the Boxes

While there will be exceptions, most sofa boxes will be manageable with just one person. With pillows and cushions packed into boxes weighing 5-30 lbs each, the potential problems lie with the sofa boxes containing frames, and with single-box sofas.

Not only can frame boxes be quite large, as just discussed, but they can be heavy, too. While couches with large frames may be broken up into multiple boxes, these boxes can still weigh anywhere from 20-100 lbs.

As for couches that only come in one box, you can expect to lug around 80-140 lbs. Other small loveseats and sofas that come in 2-3 boxes will usually (although not always) split the load more evenly and manageably.

In short, no matter what sofa you buy, you’ll probably want at least one other person to help you, just for ease and safety. 

Woman and man helping each other to carry a box inside the house

Even if you can easily carry up to 150 lbs on your own, remember that boxes are large and unwieldy! Having someone to help you maneuver the other end of something large and heavy can be a great help.

How to Find the Packaging Information of IKEA Sofas

Of course, estimates are estimates. While this article might have given you a good idea of what to expect, don’t make your decisions yet!

You can actually check out the specific size, weight, and number of boxes for each IKEA product right on their website.

To do this, first click on the page of whatever piece you are interested in, then scroll down until you come across the drop-down labeled “Measurements.” 

Once the measurement sidebar pops up, scroll down to the bottom until you see another drop-down for “Packaging.”

Under this packaging drop-down, you should receive information on how many boxes your furniture will come in, how big they will be, and how heavy they will be.

From here, you can figure out for yourself exactly how much vehicle space you will need, and whether or not you will need assistance in moving any of the individual boxes. 


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