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IKEA Appliances | Are They Any Good?

It can be tough buying appliances from a place like IKEA that doesn’t actually manufacture any of the appliances themselves. It also means that knowing whether or not an appliance will be good could change on an appliance-by-appliance basis since different manufacturers could be at work.

So let’s look at the different appliances at IKEA and the important information you need to know when deciding where to get your appliance from. This information will help you become well-informed and will make you more comfortable when making decisions about IKEA’s appliances.

IKEA appliances are made by reputable manufacturers and seem to be of good quality overall. The affordability compared to buying a branded appliance is due, in part, to a lack of customizability of the IKEA units, but it’s not a reflection of quality.

Who Makes IKEA Appliances?

Whirlpool used to manufacture IKEA’s appliances, but it seems that, as of the last few years or so, this has changed.

It seems that Electrolux (which includes Frigidaire and Faure because they are owned by Electrolux) and Midea are the manufacturers for IKEA. However, this is not entirely certain because IKEA does not explicitly state who their manufacturers are (except for IKEA Belgium).

Currently, it seems that Electrolux is the likely manufacturer of IKEA’s dishwashers, fridges (also manufactured by Midea), ovens, and microwaves. IKEA’s inductions hobs look to be made by Faure.

Woman wondering who makes IKEA appliances

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Appliances Quality


Overall, the dishwashers at IKEA are reviewed positively, although there are not many reviews. Having a smaller sample size can be somewhat worrisome. But when the smaller sample size consistently voices little to no complaints, that seems like a good sign.

For example, the lowest-reviewed dishwasher at IKEA has three out of five stars.

The dishwashers seem to range from $300 to $1,000. Depending on the dishwasher that is purchased, there is a two- or five-year warranty that is available.

There are also some options for the customization of some of the dishwashers. But these options only seem to pertain to the color of the appliance and not any potentially added or removed functions.


IKEA fridges are rated well, with an overwhelming majority of reviews being five stars. There are also more reviews on the fridges than the dishwashers, which helps to strengthen the consensus of a high ranking.

Once again, the lowest reviewed fridge is three stars.

IKEA has many variations of fridges, which range in price from $700 to $3,000. There is also a similar degree of customizability for fridges as there was for dishwashers, i.e., the color seems to be the only thing that can be customized.

Fridges also have a five-year available warranty.

The fridges that are offered also vary in style. Some are single doors with a freezer above, and some have a freezer below. There are also fridges that have French doors and a freezer drawer underneath.

Induction Hobs

IKEA’s induction hobs (also called induction cooktops) are apparently seldom reviewed. That being said, I have a close friend who purchased a cooktop from IKEA. They have been using it for years and thoroughly enjoy it.

IKEA sells induction hobs for homes as well as some that are portable. The portable version normally only has one place for heating pots and pans, but there are some sold that have two spots.

For induction hobs in homes, IKEA’s price range is between $800 and $2,000. Some of the cooktops appeared to have a five-year warranty, but this did not seem to be the case in every instance.

IKEA's price range for induction hobs, illustration for IKEA's induction hobs

It also appeared that there was no customization available for the induction hobs sold by IKEA.


IKEA’s microwaves, like the cooktops, are also apparently rarely reviewed. However, I will vouch for IKEA’s microwaves.

Growing up, my family purchased a microwave from IKEA after our old one had stopped working. That same microwave is still at my childhood home, and it is approaching its tenth year of being there.

IKEA’s microwaves range in cost from $60 (which is a very small microwave) to $800. Some of the microwaves have the potential for a two-year warranty, whereas some have a five-year warranty option.

When it comes to customization, it is more common for IKEA’s microwaves to have some option regarding the color of the microwave than to not.

IKEA’s microwaves do vary in their designed use, though—whether they be microwave ovens, over-the-range microwaves, or built-in microwaves.


IKEA’s ovens seemed to be similar to the fridges in their reviews as well as their numerous options. IKEA offers ovens with gas cooktops as well as ovens with electric cooktops.

The price range for IKEA’s ovens is between $700 and $2,000. As far as customizability goes, there are very few modifications that can be made to the ovens IKEA offers.

What IKEA lacks in customizability, it does make up for in the various ovens that are offered that all seem to have different features and functions.

If you were looking for an oven that has a self-cleaning feature, IKEA has ovens with that, but that feature will not be able to be requested on each and every oven.

Most, if not all, of IKEA’s ovens have a five-year warranty.

Are IKEA Appliances Worth It?


Overall, I do think that the dishwashers from IKEA are worth it. Most notably they cost significantly less than their counterparts that are sold directly from the manufacturer.

For example, a dishwasher at IKEA that costs $600, has its near-identical counterpart costing $900 directly from Electrolux.

That being said, buying from the manufacturer directly does seem to allow for more options when it comes to customization and features that could be included with the appliance.

The manufacturer and IKEA have similar warranties as well, but again, the manufacturer has more options regarding the particulars of the warranties than IKEA.

The manufacturer also has more reviews for their products than IKEAs, and their reviews tend to be more positive. This may have to do with customer service and non-appliance-related things, though, as the appliance that is sold by either company is essentially the same.


The fridges from IKEA do seem to be worth it as well. Again, mostly because they cost significantly less than what they would cost if purchased directly from the manufacturer.

Stainless steel modern double door with water dispenser fridge in a kitchen with stove

A fridge at IKEA that costs $2,600 has an essentially identical counterpart at Frigidaire, which costs $3,700.

The reviews for the fridges from Frigidaire are similar rating-wise to IKEAs, but Frigidaire has hundreds more reviews than IKEA.

A consensus amongst hundreds of people compared to tens does seem to carry more weight, but because the consensus is the same between either seller, I don’t place much stock in it.

Once again, the manufacturer does seem to offer more customizability for the appliance itself as well as the warranty, but IKEA’s warranty still matches the maximum length that is offered by the manufacturer.

Overall, mostly with the price in mind, I do think IKEA’s fridges are worth it.

Induction Hobs

The induction hobs from IKEA I do think are worth getting.

In general, because of the nature of induction cooktops and what they do, there isn’t much in the realm of customizability that is available. Even when looking at the manufacturer it didn’t seem like there was any customization that was being offered that IKEA didn’t also match (if there was any).

I also was not able to find a way to purchase induction hobs through Faure. They offered buying guides, descriptions, and instructions for their hobs, but I wasn’t able to find a specific spot to purchase anything.

As such, by default, IKEA induction hobs may be the way to go, but this is by no means being stuck with a lesser option.


From personal experience alone, I highly recommend getting a microwave from IKEA. They last long, they work well, and overall they just seem to be the right choice.

Additionally, when looking at Electrolux and their microwaves, they have actually discontinued a microwave that is still being sold at IKEA. This seems to be another piece of support for getting a microwave from IKEA, as they sell something that the manufacturer makes, but doesn’t sell directly.

In fact, it looks like the only microwaves that Electrolux sells directly are microwave ovens or microwave combination ovens. Now, this could be a good or bad sign. It could be good because IKEA is selling what the manufacturer does not.

Or, the manufacturer has stopped selling the microwaves because of problems or low interest.


Ovens from IKEA, I think, are definitely the way to go. Specifically because they cost less than half of what they cost directly from the manufacturer.

Woman's hand changing the temperature of the modern oven

IKEA’s KONSISTENS costs about $1,300, whereas its twin from Electrolux, the Frigidaire Gallery 27” Single Electric Wall Oven costs $2,800. The price alone in this case should justify why the IKEA option is the way to go.

IKEA also offers a similar warranty as Frigidaire, but again the manufacturer offers more options for the warranty and what services are applied under the warranty.

The manufacturer in this case also has more reviews, but once again the rating of the reviews are similar to the rating of IKEA’s reviews. The manufacturer does have a larger sample size, though, so one could be more certain about the quality of the product.

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