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IKEA Induction Hobs | Who Actually Makes Them?

Without identifiable branding on appliances aside from the IKEA-style names, it’s reasonable to assume IKEA manufactures these units. However, if this is the case, why are you referred to external support for servicing and repairing those appliances?

IKEA actually outsources much of the manufacturing of its products to keep costs and prices low. This is true for appliances too, which leads to the question: who makes them? IKEA uses several international brands as suppliers for different kinds of appliances.

IKEA outsources the manufacturing of appliances. This reduces costs and allows the company to focus on the sales side while keeping up with supply and demand. There are several brands known to provide IKEA with appliances, but Faure (of Electrolux Group) is likely the source of induction hobs.

Does IKEA Make Their Own Appliances?

IKEA is renowned as a store that allows you to furnish your home at a low cost. Since affordability is the company’s aim, it is unlikely that IKEA would make its own appliances.

Manufacturing is an expensive venture because of labor, space, and equipment. By handing off appliance manufacturing to a third-party company, IKEA keeps its costs low and its products affordable.

Appliances in IKEA

Another benefit of sticking to design instead of product creation is IKEA can focus on the marketing and sales side of the business. That is, IKEA can devote more resources to getting the items to you, while outsourcing allows the company to keep up with the high demand for the products it sells.

Possible Manufacturers


Whirlpool is a well-known name in the appliance industry and has undoubtedly made cooktops for IKEA in the past, as evident from this 2009 appliance warranty document. IKEA Belgium also names them as one of their manufacturers.

Whirlpool and IKEA are both international brands, so there is no reason for different countries to use different manufacturers (i.e., the information presented by IKEA Belgium is likely applicable to IKEA USA).

It appears that IKEA has moved away from Whirlpool as a primary outsourcing partner since appliances like induction hobs, dishwashers, and fridges are no longer made by this company, even if they still create other items.


Evidence suggests that the manufacturer IKEA has turned to is Electrolux to provide much of their appliance ranges.

Firstly, the Belgium site mentions Electrolux in addition to Whirlpool. They also talk about aftersales services being provided by BSH, Elica, Faber, and Midea.

There is also a Reddit post by a verified co-worker (i.e., someone who works at IKEA) in which they say that IKEA has moved away from Whirlpool and is mostly supplied by Electrolux and the companies that fall under the corporation, like Frigidaire. Midea and Elica are also mentioned in this forum post.

Most Likely Manufacturer of IKEA Induction Hobs

When looking at the induction hobs sold by IKEA, you’ll notice the distinctive cross pattern with a small square in the center for the different zones. This design is most reminiscent of hobs produced by Faure.

Faure is a French appliance manufacturer that falls under the Electrolux umbrella, so this would support the theory that Electrolux (and its subsidiaries) is the manufacturer of IKEA induction hobs.

If IKEA is outsourcing the manufacturing of induction hobs to Faure, this is likely the supplier of the appliance to the US, UK, and Canadian stores as well as those in Europe. Managing costs is easier if you use an international brand instead of smaller, local manufacturers for each store.

Woman wearing green gloves wiping the induction hob

Where Does Faure Manufacture Their Hobs?

As I mentioned previously, Faure is a French company. They also have an “Origine France Garantie” certification. This label indicates that their product is manufactured directly in France and not simply packaged in the country.

This means that their hobs are made in France, and the same goes for any IKEA hob that was manufactured by Faure as a third party.

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Why USA IKEA Doesn’t Name Their Manufacturer

Since IKEA has never stated the reason, we can only speculate exactly why they don’t list their manufacturers in the US.

Unless there is some corporate law I am unfamiliar with, the US IKEA may not disclose their appliance source to help create a cohesive brand. It helps to promote the idea that you are shopping with IKEA instead of, say, shopping with Electrolux.

It would also likely cost IKEA more to buy appliances with all the branding labels in place.

The other reason behind the lack of identifiable branding can, potentially, be the brands themselves. They might not want customers to know they can get the appliances and parts cheaper than from the main brand.

If the IKEA appliances were marked by the brand, this would also create competition for the brand if IKEA sells branded appliances.

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