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IKEA Faucets | Who Actually Makes Them?

Branded items typically sell better than non-branded ones because, while it is difficult to properly assess an item before you buy it, the brand name brings a certain level of upfront assurance of quality. IKEA is not necessarily known for producing high-quality goods, but they don’t manufacture their own faucets.

While it may be tricky to figure out where IKEA sources its faucets, this article should provide a good reference point to provide you with some helpful information, including some comparisons with other suppliers.

IKEA imports faucets from NSK® Bath & Kitchen Armatür in Turkey, Roddex Bath Hardware Co., Ltd. in China, and Paini S.p.A. in Italy.

IKEA Doesn’t Say Who Makes Its Faucets

There is not a lot of information available about who manufactures the faucets sold by IKEA.

While the IKEA website does not state who makes its faucets, my research has revealed that there are a number of companies that could be the manufacturers.

Possible Manufacturers

There is one website, StarCraft Reviews™, which provides information on IKEA faucets. From what I can tell, they seem to be a reliable source of review information, and the information was updated last year, which means that it is likely still relevant.

Ikea Tamnaren Kitchen Faucet w Sensor Stainless Steel Color 303.595.06

Here’s what the reviewers say:

  • IKEA imports all of their faucets
  • Three known manufacturers are NSK® Armatür AS, Roddex Bath Hardware Co., Ltd., and Paini S.p.A.
  • There are probably more manufacturers
  • IKEA faucet suppliers change frequently

NSK® Bath & Kitchen Armatür

NSK® Bath & Kitchen Armatür is a Turkish manufacturer and is part of the Roca Group, which is a company that designs, produces, and commercializes bathroom products.

This company has stores based in Turkey and exports products to the US, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Australia.

Roddex Bath Hardware Co., Ltd.

Based in Shanghai, China, Roddex Bath Hardware Co., Ltd. is one of the better-known Chinese companies providing bathroom and kitchen products. One of their main trading areas is North America.

Paini S.p.A.

Paini S.p.A. is an Italian firm that runs its own lines of La Toscana and Fortis Italian faucets. It has been expanding as a manufacturer and now supplies the US and Canada.

Evidence to Support This

With the names of possible IKEA faucet manufacturers at hand, I was able to dig up information that supports the claim that NSK®, Paini, and Roddex supply IKEA faucets.

An online website listing shipping records for various companies that export products indicates that NSK® Armatür AS shipped faucets to IKEA in 2014.

IKEA is also recorded as a customer of Paini S.p.A. in an import report from 2020.

Similarly, some of the styles of the faucets available for purchase from IKEA can be found in almost identical forms on websites offering the branded products.

For example, the IKEA VIMMERN looks very similar to the Piani Cox.

Similarly, the IKEA GLYPEN shares very similar manufacturing/design qualities to the Roddex wet bar sink faucet (amazon link).

RODDEX Wet Bar Sink Faucet Stainless Steel One Hole 360 Swivel Bar Mixer with 3 Hole Cover Deck Plate Small Modern Single Handle Kitchen Tap for Bath Bathroom Sink Prep Sink, Brushed Nickel

IKEA Designs Their Faucets

Although there are similarities in design between the faucets supplied by manufacturers and those sold by IKEA, IKEA designs its own faucets.

A number of industrial designers are employed for this purpose.

The names of some of the designers for each faucet type can be found under the ‘Product details’ tab on the IKEA website.

The manufacturers are then contracted to manufacture the faucets according to the specifications of the design as required. Many of these designs include a Scandinavian theme.

Should You Buy an IKEA Faucet?

Faucets can be obtained from a number of different companies that will have different prices, warranties, and qualities.

Faucet brand comparisons

IKEA faucets can range from around $40 to $250 in price with a ten-year limited warranty on their products.

In contrast, there are a few other companies that provide similar quality options.

American Standard offers a limited lifetime warranty on its faucets for home use and a five-year warranty period for commercial use. Prices can range from $150 to $600.

Sir Faucet also offers a lifetime warranty, with faucet prices between approximately $80 and $310.

Fresca has a similar warranty policy to American Standard and sells faucets at $120 to $290.

Companies like Delta may have higher quality faucets ranging in price from $75 to $768 with a ten-year warranty period for residential use and a five-year warranty for commercial use.

So, overall, IKEA faucets are affordable compared to other common American suppliers of faucets, with similar warranty periods.

However, the lack of information about where IKEA faucets are manufactured may reduce confidence in their products.

Nevertheless, faucets bought from other stores should be compatible with IKEA sinks as long as the faucet has the right type of connection.

This means that you can mix and match sinks with faucets depending on your specific budget, design, and warranty needs.


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