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Gas Dryer | Can You Stack It on a Washer?

I love saving space in my home wherever possible, especially in small areas such as the laundry room. A great way to work with the vertical space in your home is to stack your dryer on the washing machine.

While we all know you can stack dryers, or at least you can buy stackable dryers, there is always a hesitation before applying the rules to gas appliances.

International Residential Code does not prohibit stacking gas dryers on top of washing machines. Make sure to consider factors such as the gas connection location, dryer design, and manufacturer approval before stacking a gas dryer.

Gas Dryer Floor Clearance Requirements

The first thing we must check is the building code. To ensure the safety of inhabitants and avoid possible repercussions, always make sure your home is designed and functioning in accordance with code requirements.

The International Residential Code (IRC) is the building code to which most of the US adheres. While as comprehensive as possible, it cannot contain details about every aspect of home structure and appliances.

One of the things the IRC does not mention specifically is stacking dryers. However, there are certain regulations regarding floor clearance under certain circumstances.

In Section G2408.2 of the IRC, it states the following:

“Equipment and appliances having an ignition source shall be elevated such as that the source of ignition is not less than 18 inches (457 mm) above the floor in hazardous locations and public garages, private garages, repair garages, motor fuel-dispensing facilities and parking garages.”

Gas dryers definitely count as appliances with an ignition source.

The reason the IRC requires gas dryers to be elevated in these conditions is to prevent the flames and heat from coming into contact with flammable chemicals.

Wherever you choose to install your gas dryer, it must have a clearance of at least 18″ from any combustible material.

Gas dryer should be installed at least 18 inches from any combustible material

Double-check your local building requirements for any additions or alterations to this regulation.

In addition, always check what the gas dryer manufacturer says. In several places, the IRC cedes the final say to the company that produces the product.

Stacking Dryer on Washer Counts as Clearance

Fortunately for our case, stacking the dryer on top of the washing machine counts as clearance. 

The IRC specifies that the appliance’s source of ignition must be elevated 18″ above the floor. Not above the surface on which it is sitting or other appliances, such as washing machines.

Since a washers is obviously more than 18″ tall, stacking the dryer on top of it is allowed even when the machines are located in one of the places where floor clearance is necessary. 

In some cases, choosing to stack the washer and dryer may even be the solution you’re looking for in order to follow building regulations.

Gas Dryer Clearance Requirements (Back, Sides, Top & Bottom)

Special Considerations

Although the IRC only states the 18″ clearance requirement, there are some special considerations to keep in mind before you choose to stack your gas dryer on top of your washing machine.

Gas Connection Location

The gas connection location in your home may influence whether or not you are able to stack the dryer on top of your washer. 

The gas connection for your dryer will most likely be located lower down on the wall. By stacking the dryer, the distance between the gas supply line and appliance increases.

Gas connection and vent duct of a gas dryer illustration

In and of itself, this isn’t an issue. However, it can increase the likelihood of damage to the longer connecting line. The line may develop leaks over time, and the seal between the gas connection can also weaken.

Flexible connectors like the one you would need for your dryer are usually limited to a length of three feet. Fortunately in the case of clothes dryers, that limit is upped to six feet. 

Since you will almost certainly not be installing your dryer six feet in the air, the connection length should not pose an issue in this way.

Gas Dryers Designed to Be Stacked

There are certain adaptations that allow a gas dryer to be stacked.

You should purchase a dryer that is designed to be stacked. Ideally, you should have the matching washer from the same manufacturer because these are definitely designed to work together.

The main purpose for this would be stability. When stacking, the gas dryer has to be secure on its elevated perch.

If the dryer were to fall off of the washer, it would cause damage to both appliances and possibly rip out the gas connection, releasing harmful levels of gas into the air.

Purchasing a stacking kit may be necessary to secure the two appliances together if they do not come with built-in or included features for this purpose.

A stacking kit includes specifically sized brackets and clips that are made to secure your appliance together, so make sure the kit you buy is compatible with the size and model of your appliances.

SAMSUNG Stacking Kit for 27” Wide Front Load Washer and Dryer Combo, Small Space Saving Solution for Stackable Laundry Machine Sets, All Parts Included, SKK-8K

Manufacturer Approval

Manufacturers often include additional instructions for proper installation in their product manuals. Check to make sure that the manufacturer does not specify that stacking the dryer is prohibited. 

The IRC often leaves installation instructions to the manufacturer since they can vary widely between different appliance models. In this case, going against the manufacturer’s instructions is also going against the code.

Some manufacturers may tell you not to stack your dryer for safety reasons. Dryers tend to wobble as they tumble dry a load of laundry, and manufacturers may advise against stacking them in order to prevent the dryer from falling off of the washing machine.

Stacked steel dryer and washer in the laundry room

Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you do not, this may impact the validity of product warranty claims should any damage occur to your dryer.

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