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Stackable Washer and Dryer Pros and Cons

Stackable Washer and Dryer ProsStackable Washer and Dryer Cons
Takes up less floor space. Unable to use a top-loader washer.
Front-load washers are more efficient.Shorter people may struggle to work with the dryer.
Only have to bend to access one machine.More expensive.
Can unstack to adapt to your space.May have to buy the stacking kit separately.
Possible safety hazard (dryer could fall).
Loss of surface space on top of the washer.
Maintenance and repair require unstacking of the appliances.

Stackable washer and dryer sets save floor space but reduce surface space. Front load washers are energy efficient but cost more. Stacking kits may be sold separately. Users don’t have to bend as much but short people may struggle. Unstacking is an option. Stacked machines are dangerous and tricky to repair.

Stackable Washer and Dryer Pros

Take up Less Floor Space

If you buy a stackable washer and dryer (whether it’s vented or ventless), you are definitely going to be happy with just how much floor space you are saving.

Equator Laundry Center EW824N(1.6 cu.ft)+ED850 (3.5 cu.ft.)

Instead of having two bulky machines side by side, neatly (and securely) stacking them on top of one another will save you a lot of floor space that can be used for other pieces of furniture or just kept empty to prevent a cluttered look.

This is a great option for anyone who needs to maximize the available space in their home, especially if their house is on the smaller side. It also makes them a good option for those who want their machines in the master closet.

The average height of a stacked washer and dryer does not exceed a height of 80″ or 6.5 ft, which should allow it to fit neatly in your desired room.

Front-Load Washers Are More Efficient

Since stackable washers are always front-load style, you will actually be saving some money in the long run.

Front-load washers are way more energy efficient than top-load washers. This is because, unlike top-load washers, they require a lot less water for their wash cycle.

Top-load washers necessitate that the entire drum is filled with water in order for the cycle to occur, whereas front-load washers will use far less water.

The reduced amount of water will not affect how clean your clothes come out; front-load washers perform just as efficiently as top-load washers in this regard.

You Only Have to Bend for the Washer

Stackable washers and dryers are not only practical for small houses, but their configuration can actually be beneficial to your physical well-being.

dont bend for the washer

If you stack your dryer unit on top of your washer unit, you decrease the number of times you need to bend in half for the clothes, thereby reducing the potential strain on your back that can come from crouching down frequently.

When you bend for the washer, you are able to see your clothes clearly and then can simply place them in the dryer above.

Can Unstack the Appliances

The great thing about having stackable appliances is that they are not permanently fixed onto one another. This is amazing as it gives you that added flexibility.

When in a smaller space, the stackable washer and dryer are a perfect duo. However, if you end up moving to a home with its own designated laundry room (a dream!) or simply have cleared out enough space in your basement, then you can unstack the appliances and place them neatly next to each other.

Just be careful when unstacking the appliances. Be sure to unplug both before attempting to separate them as you could end up causing some damage to the wiring or piping of the machine. Just like with installation, you will also need an extra set of hands for this job.

Stackable Washer and Dryer Cons

Cannot Be Top-Loaders (Smaller Capacity)

Unfortunately, if you opt for the stackable washer and dryer you are reducing the amount of washing you can do in a single load.

That is because you cannot make use of a top-loader washing machine—these are not designed to be stacked. Top-loaders can hold a lot more clothes at a time than front-loaders can, which makes it easier to get more laundry done at a time.

The smaller capacity of the front loader (on average the drum is only 2.5 cubic ft) compared with the larger capacity of the top loader (nearly 4 cubic ft) might be the deciding point in whether stackable washers and dryers are worth it for you.

If you are a single person or there are only a couple of you living together, then the smaller drum should not be an issue. However, larger families or certain small, home-run businesses (like B&Bs) might prefer the larger capacity washer to do larger loads.

Can Be Impractical for Shorter People

Another drawback for the stackable washer and dryer setup is that it is not user-friendly for individuals of all heights. Individuals who are a bit on the shorter side will tend to struggle to load the top dryer or unload it later. Additionally, the dryer control panel is always going to be at the top of the machine.

Since there is reduced visibility for these shorter individuals, it might become very easy for some of the clothes to remain in the drum without being noticed. Plus, the chance of injuring yourself while lifting the heavy, wet clothes into the dryer is quite high.

Of course, this is quite an easy fix if you don’t mind the effort. You can simply keep a step stool or a small ladder nearby for when you need to reach the top appliance. This obviously adds a slight safety hazard if you lose your balance while loading or unloading the machine, so please make sure your stool is secure.

The options pictured below have rubber feet and rubber platforms to prevent slipping—always handy in a laundry room that can have water on the floor.

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Higher Purchase Price

The stackable design of the washer and dryer makes them a slightly more complicated design for manufacturers. Due to this, there is not a huge range available on the market. This limited supply means that they won’t come cheap.

higher purchase price

Since front-loader washing machines are the only ones that are stackable, then you are looking at a higher price than a top-loader, which is not stackable. This is because front-loaders are machines with more complex technology.

Some washer and dryer units come attached already, and you simply need to install them. These come in at around $2,000 for a higher quality one.

If you choose to buy the stackable appliances separately and then stack them yourself, you can expect to pay even more than that. With a washer coming in at a minimum of $800 to around $2,500 and a dryer being in the same range, you are looking at quite a hefty sum.

Stacking Kit May Be Sold Separately

If you are buying separate washer and dryer machines with the intention of stacking them, then don’t be surprised when you realize that you have to buy the actual stacking kit separately for an extra couple hundred dollars.

Stacking kits are completely necessary when you want to stack your dryer on your washer, as the function of the mechanism is to distribute the weight of the dryer evenly, as to not damage the washer.

These kits ensure that your washer and dryer will not fall over or crack underneath each other. If you stack your washer and dryer without this kit, or if they were not made to be stacked, then you will end up voiding their warranties, which is not a good thing, and putting users, kids, and pets at risk.

Greater Safety Hazard

The stacked appliances might allow you to have extra space in the layout of your home, but you need to decide if that will be worth the potential safety hazard.

While designed to be stable, a stacked washer and dryer will always be less stable than a set that is on the ground. If they are stacked in an open space like your bathroom or basement, you run the risk of causing the appliances to move if you happen to knock into them.

Let’s not even imagine the consequences of a dryer falling right off and tumbling to the ground. Not only will your costly machine be damaged, but the floor could be too. And that’s the best-case scenario. Imagine if a child or pet was in the falling zone!

Having the stacked machines in a designated closet space would be your best bet as the closed door can help in avoiding any incidents.

Loss of Surface Space

When you have your washing and drying appliances next to one another, you are able to utilize the top surfaces of each of the machines for whatever you see fit. You will have the opportunity to place your laundry basket, detergents, and fabric softeners on top or even use the countertop for folding the clothes.

loss of space washer and dryer

With stacked appliances, you are losing this valuable surface space that could have been useful for a variety of uses.

Furthermore, you may have to remove a countertop to stack them, thereby reducing surface space even more.

Machine Maintenance and Repair Is Difficult

Whenever you have to do maintenance or repairs on either the washer or the dryer, you would first have to unstack the appliances. All of a sudden, replacing your dryer belt or adjusting your water supply becomes a two-man job.

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