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IKEA Delivery | Do You Have to Be Home?

The world truly became a better and more convenient place when we were able to get our goods delivered straight to our door. There was no more need for having to hire a larger car or enlist the help of good friends with spacious back seats. But there are new problems with this development.

One of the biggest is being available to receive deliveries for which you need to sign. IKEA is also known for its unexpected delays in delivery, which means you never really know when the items are going to arrive.

Small packages can be delivered when no one is home if there is somewhere safe to put them. Large deliveries have to be signed for unless prearranged at the time of purchase. If no one is home to receive large deliveries, the items will be taken away, and re-delivery will need to be arranged.

You Don’t Need to Sign for Small Deliveries

The good news is that if you pop out to the store and happen to miss the IKEA deliveryman, you may still get your package.

If you ordered a small delivery, perhaps one or two items, like bed linen or a lamp, then you won’t be required to sign for the package.

IKEA’s delivery terms and conditions do not explicitly state that you need to be at home for these kinds of deliveries, so you can allow yourself more flexibility and run your errands as you wish.

IKEA is a bit more relaxed with these kinds of deliveries because, if the package is small enough, it can be easily hidden somewhere near your house. Additionally, the smaller packages are likely to cost less, so if something goes wrong, it’s easier to sort out.

You may be concerned about the possibility of having a package with damage or any missing parts, which IKEA may not take the blame for if you don’t report it when the delivery is made. Luckily, the Ts&Cs state that you have 48 hours to note and report such instances.

As long as you don’t go on vacation for an entire week while expecting a delivery, you should be covered for the delivery of small items.  

Large Orders Need to Be Signed For

When you order larger items, such as bed frames, closets, or sofas, that require transport via truck, you will have to sign for it in order for the employees to release it into your possession.

Luckily, you can also get someone else to sign on your behalf as long as they are over the age of 18. That means, as long as another adult is available to receive the delivery, you won’t physically need to be home.

You can sign, or you can get a person 18 years or older to sign on your behalf. Although it is not stipulated in the IKEA delivery policy, if there would be some question about the age of the receiver, then just have your ID on you.

If the person receiving the delivery is too young, then IKEA can refuse the delivery.

By signing for the delivery, it implies that you accept the state of the products that were delivered. Make sure to check for visible damage and missing parts before you sign to cover yourself in case you need to get a refund or exchange.

Woman opening and looking at her IKEA package while sitting on the sofa

If you find damage inside the boxes or missing pieces after opening up the delivery, then you can report this within 48 hours of delivery.

What Happens if You Aren’t at Home?

If you are not home when the delivery is made, and there is no one available that can sign on your behalf, your package will not be delivered or released. It wouldn’t be very professional for IKEA to simply leave hundreds of dollars worth of items on your doorstep.

In instances like this, IKEA will simply take the products back to the store or warehouse. You will then be charged an additional re-delivery fee to compensate the driver for time and fuel spent going to your home for no reason. This is likely to be the same as the delivery fee, i.e., $19-$29.

You will need to select another date for the delivery, which will prolong when you will receive your product. There may be additional fees associated with this as it then becomes a scheduled delivery, which costs more.

Alternatively, IKEA may reschedule the delivery date according to what suits them, and you will be informed or need to contact them to find out when this new date is.

If you know you will not be at home at the time of delivery, rather try to reschedule your delivery date to avoid these re-delivery fees. The catch is that this can only be done when the item is in the preparation stage.

Missed IKEA Delivery | Here’s What to Do

Can Prearrange for Delivery When Not Home

Sometimes there is just too much going on and you know that there is little chance that you will be available to sign for your delivery.

In the case of a large delivery, you can arrange for IKEA to deliver the item and leave it outside your door, but this needs to be prearranged when you are checking out and arranging for delivery.

Large box from IKEA left in the front door

You have to select this option beforehand and will need to sign and accept full responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur to your products after delivery.

This option is not available in all Zip locations, so best check with your local IKEA and see if they offer this service.

Benefits of Being at Home to Receive the Delivery

Aware of Failed Deliveries Immediately

The status and location of your IKEA deliveries can be tracked via the link sent through the email confirmation of your purchase.

Being at home for the scheduled date and time ensures you will notice if the delivery was not made when it was supposed to. You can immediately get in touch with IKEA and sort out the problem quickly (or at least get started with the long process sooner!).

Can Ensure Delivery Is Correct

When the deliveryman knocks at your door or rings your bell, you will be there to make sure that what is being delivered is what you actually ordered.

You have the opportunity to make sure that nothing is missing from your order, and you will be able to get in touch with the necessary employees to rectify the situation.

The deliveryman may even take your incorrect parcel back right then and there, saving you the trip.

Can Ensure Delivery Is Undamaged

Human error and bumpy traffic do happen. There is always the risk of your package being damaged in transit.

If you are available to receive the delivery, you can make sure the delivery is undamaged and in the best condition.

In the unfortunate event that it is damaged, you can see this immediately, note it, and get started on the resolution process faster.

No Risk of Theft

If you are not at home to receive your small parcel, and the IKEA deliveryman leaves it on your porch, you are at a high risk of having your package stolen. Your highly anticipated items can be taken from you before you have a chance to enjoy them.

Packages or envelopes left in the green front door of an apartment, courier taking a photo as a delivery proof

There is nothing stopping someone from walking past and claiming your package as their own.

You also have to keep in mind that IKEA outsources its deliveries to third parties. Particularly for smaller deliveries, the driver can say it was delivered and keep it if you aren’t at home to receive it. There will be little you can do to prove it, unless you have working security cameras available.

No Risk of Post-Delivery Damage

If you are lucky and no one steals your package, having it waiting for you outside puts it at risk of being damaged by the elements or by other people or animals.

A dog can mark his territory on your box and damage the contents. Your neighbor’s kids can kick their ball and smash your package as well.

If you do not have a covered porch, then your items can easily be rained on and completely damaged. You will have to take responsibility for this.

Don’t Have to Search for the Package

It is a widely known fact that deliverymen are not only professional but also creative. They won’t risk their job by leaving your package somewhere where it will be unsafe and exposed, so they may hide it behind a pot plant or even under your doormat.

If you are home to accept the delivery, you won’t need to hunt the delivery down wherever the person hid it.

In-House Delivery

When choosing to deliver your goods to your house, you can also opt for in-house delivery of large items.

This means that the product will be delivered to the room of your choice within your house. Your bed frame can easily be delivered right to the bedroom, saving you the time and effort of lugging it all in or upstairs.

Men carrying wooden bed frame

Does IKEA Give a Delivery Window?

IKEA is not immune to the fact that waiting at home for a package indefinitely is not realistic nor convenient for their customers. Having specific delivery time slots can be very helpful for planning your day to make sure you are home.

IKEA often states that deliveries can be made in 1-3 days (for parcel deliveries or express options) but you could expect slightly longer in some instances. In addition, delivery delays are common and often extreme with IKEA.

You will find the estimated date and time of delivery in your confirmation email. There is usually a 4-hour window as well. For instance, they may state that they will deliver the package between 9:00 and 13:00.

The delivery company usually calls the day before or the morning of delivery.

You will sometimes receive a message communication from IKEA indicating the status of the delivery as well, such as when the item has left the warehouse and when it is en route.

It may be best to track the parcel yourself via the tracking link sent in the email, as the IKEA messages may not be completely accurate.


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