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Gas Dryer | How Many Amps Does It Draw?

It seems odd that a gas appliance uses electricity, yet this is exactly the case with gas dryers. Knowing how much electricity a gas dryer draws can help with proper and safe installation, as well as ensure that you know what to expect when the utility bill comes in at the end of the month.

Unlike electric dryers, which have one of the highest amperage draws of all the appliances in the house, gas dryers run on a relatively normal current.

Many gas dryers pull 5-8 A. However, there are also a number of models that draw higher amps (up to 15 A). All gas dryers must be installed on a 15 or 20 A circuit.

Amp Draw for the Most Popular Brands

We looked at the top gas dryer brands in the US and compared their most recent range of gas dryers. We looked at the currently available capacities, how many amps each draws, and what sort of circuit they should be on.

Gas dryer and a washer installed in a laundry room leading to backyard
Dryer ManufacturerDryer Capacity (cubic feet)Amp Rating (A)Required Circuit Amperage (A)
GE6.2615 or 20
GE7.2615 or 20
GE7.4615 or 20
GE7.8815 or 20
Samsung7.21515 – 20
Samsung7.41515 – 20
Samsung7.51515 – 20
Samsung7.61515 – 20
Whirlpool7.0615 or 20
Whirlpool7.4615 or 20
Maytag7615 or 20
Maytag7.3615 or 20
Maytag7.4615 or 20
Kenmore5.91515 or 20
Kenmore6.51515 or 20
Kenmore71515 or 20
Kenmore7.41515 or 20
Kenmore9.21515 or 20
  Gas Dryer range is based on the available gas dryers in 2022

As you can see, Samsung, Electrolux, and Kenmore have much higher amp draws than the other brands.

The data sheets for gas dryers from Samsung, Electrolux, and Kenmore presented the information as the minimum circuit amperage instead of the amps drawn.

However, on consultation with the sales reps and after calculating the amps from the kWh/year data, it seems that they do, in fact, use about 15 A.

When buying your gas dryer, this is something to be aware of. Doubtless, these brands offer many benefits, but you will just need to make sure that these outweigh the higher cost of running the dryer.

Must Gas Dryers Be on a Dedicated Circuit?

Gas dryers don’t pull that many amps (even 15 A is not that high), but does that mean they don’t need to be on a dedicated circuit?

The National Electric Code does not specify that a gas dryer needs to be on a dedicated circuit. However, in International Residential Code Section E3703.3, it does stipulate a laundry room must have a 20 A dedicated circuit.

Circuit breaker illustration with a switch dedicated to the laundry room with 20 amperes, electrical panel

Perhaps this is to accommodate both the dryer and the washer? So, if most washing machines use between 5 and 15 A, can your washer and dryer be on the same circuit?

If your gas dryer and washing machine are on the higher end of the amp ratings, it may be wise to put them on their own dedicated circuit so as to not overload the circuit.

I would also highly recommend checking your user manual. While the NEC may not necessitate a dedicated circuit, the manufacturer may. And you will need to follow these guidelines in order for the warranty to remain valid.

Manufacturer specifications are also often considered to be equivalent to the building codes, meaning that installations that go against what the manufacturer says can incur fines and other repercussions.

Overloading your circuit will cause the circuit breaker to flip. However, sometimes the circuit breaker can fail and this could cause a fire. It is best to use caution when plugging your gas dryer in, just to be safe, have it on its own dedicated circuit.

Gas Dryer Electricity Usage (Hour, Load, Month, Year)


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