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Does Whirlpool Make a Ventless Dryer

Whirlpool is an internationally renowned appliance brand that offers a wide range of products. With such a large amount of products offered, it’s hard, but not impossible, to find appliances that are only offered in a small range.

Ventless dryers are one type of appliance that you may struggle to find, not just in Whirlpool’s catalog, but also in any appliance seller in the US. Let’s look at why and what your options are.

Whirlpool does offer ventless dryers, although they are difficult to find on the website. In addition, the range is very limited in America. In European countries as well as the UK and South Africa, the range is wider.

Whirlpool Does Sell Ventless Dryers

Although it is difficult to find these products on the Whirlpool website, they do have ventless dryers for sale.

For people living in the US, there is a limited range of ventless dryers offered because they are not very common in America. However, in other countries where ventless dryers are more common, such as the UK, France, and South Africa, a larger variety of options is offered.

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American Range of Ventless Whirlpool Dryers

There are two ventless dryer options that Whirlpool offers in America (at least, there are only two that I can find):

The larger option utilizes heat pump technology and is, therefore, highly energy-efficient. Some key features of this model are the advanced moisture sensing ability and wrinkle-prevention technology.

If you would like to read about the general pros and cons of heat pump dryers, I have a whole article dedicated to this.

The Smart All-in-One Washer & Dryer is smaller and does not mention what type of ventless dryer it is, but with an estimated yearly energy cost of $17-19, I would assume it also uses heat pump technology. Furthermore, because this dryer is a smart appliance, it has a touch screen and can connect to a smartphone.

If you want to read about the pros and cons of washer dryer combos, have a look at my article detailing these.

Why Is the Range so Limited?

In the United States, ventless dryers aren’t typically needed because most homes are built with ventilation systems for laundry machines.

In addition, most apartments and rental spaces come with a vented dryer or have a communal one in the facility, so a ventless dryer isn’t needed for the space.

In other countries such as Europe, ventless dryers are more commonly used, so a wider range is offered there.

For more information, read 4 Reasons Why Ventless Dryers Are Not Common in the US.

Non-American Ranges of Ventless Dryers

In South Africa, there are three ventless dryer options with similar prices. There are two condenser options and one heat pump option. All three come in different sizes, and there is some variability in the style of each one. They also vary with limited to extensive ability to detect moisture.

In the UK, there are also three options. The sizes are essentially the same, as there is only a 1 kg difference between the largest and smallest size. All have a different look, significant variability in price, and use a heat pump system.

France has several different options, and there are many with either a heat pump or a condenser. There is a large price range, as well as many different features and styles to choose from. However, all of the sizes are very similar.

Benefits of Ventless Dryers

Here is a short list of some of the benefits of using a ventless dryer:

  • They are self-regulating. They cool down the air inside of them and the water is condensed out of the air before the air is released into the room rather than releasing moisture-filled exhaust.
  • They can be used in homes without the ability to vent exhaust outside, as well as places being rented where you aren’t able to make major installations.
  • They can be used in small spaces such as apartments or in homes without a dedicated room for laundry machines.
  • As long as they are installed in a well-ventilated room, they are much safer than typical dryers and have a much lower risk of fires.
  • They use energy more efficiently than vented dryers, and they can even help lower the use of water in the home.

Ultimately, ventless dryers are a really good idea.

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Are They Worth Importing?

If you cannot find the right ventless dryer from among the limited range available in the US, should you try to import one from another country?

Ventless dryers are already significantly more expensive than traditional dryers, and there are a few additional costs that need to be considered.

Firstly, there are a few taxes on imported goods in the US that vary depending on the item’s value and mode of transportation. These taxes can add up to $538.40 to the total cost.

Secondly, ventless dryers are plugged into a power outlet, but some options don’t come with a plug. In addition, some options may come with a plug that isn’t compatible with outlets in your home (US and Europe have different types of plugs), so you may need to buy a cord regardless.

Thirdly, you have to consider the fact that any spare parts you require may have to be imported as well.


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