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Where Are Minka Aire Ceiling Fans Made

If you are on the market for a new ceiling fan, then you probably know by now that finding an affordable ceiling fan made in the USA is not an easy task. While many big ceiling fan manufacturers are based in America, most of them don’t manufacture their products there.

So, let’s find out if Minka Aire conform to the norm of overseas production or if they are entirely American appliances.

Minka Aire ceiling fans are designed for the American market, but they are currently not made in the USA. They are produced mainly in Taiwan but also in Hong Kong and other parts of China.

Minka Aire is Part of Minka Group

Minka Aire is part of the Minka Group, which manufactures and distributes lighting fixtures and ceiling fans throughout the United States.

Minka Group was founded in 1939 but was established as a corporation in 1982.

The company prides itself on being able to distribute its goods around America under a variety of different brand names. The brand names it operates under include Ambience, George Kovacs, The Great Outdoors, Metropolitan, Minka-Aire, and Minka Lavery.

Minka Group and Minka Aire Ceiling Fan History

Where is Minka Aire Based?

Minka Group has its headquarters in Corona, California, in the United States, and distribution centers on two continents, distributing through more than 2,100 dealers in the United States.

One of their largest distribution centers (over 364 000 square feet) can be found in California, managed by Childress Klein.

Ceiling Fans Designed for the American Market

Minka Aire specializes in indoor and outdoor ceiling fans. The company tries to find the best solutions for its American customers; it has even introduced wireless fans to them.

On its website, the company states that the products they manufacture are:

” . . . designed for the United States and its electrical requirements.”

This makes installing a Minka Aire ceiling fan very convenient for any American.

Another requirement is that the size of your fan blades depends on the size of your room. You are able to get multiple suggestions for a fan that would best suit your room by answering a few easy questions on the Minka website.

This helps to ensure that the right product is fitted to help ensure correct airflow and submit to electrical regulations.

If you are looking for a new ceiling fan, you can find them in chain hardware stores, local stores, and online (amazon link).

Minka-Aire F787-SBR/CL, Simple 52 Inch Protruding Mount Ceiling Fan in Soft Brass with Coal Blades, Remote Control Included

Are Minka Aire Ceiling Fans Made in the US?

From my research, I learned that, like most ceiling fan brands in the US, Minka Aire also manufactures its fans abroad. They seem to mostly be made in Taiwan but also in Hong Kong and other parts of China.

Like other big brands, such as Hunter or Honeywell, Minka Aire makes its products in China in order to remain competitive in the market by decreasing production costs and ultimately making the products more affordable.


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