Gas Dryer Pros and Cons

Pros of Gas Dryers

Gas Dryers Are Fast

Gas dryers are heated through a process of combustion. This causes the burners to heat up almost immediately, unlike electric units that become hot more gradually.

Energy Efficiency

The gas component ensures that the dryer doesn’t use too much electricity, unlike an electric dryer that relies solely on electricity for its operations and function.

Low Operating Cost

The energy efficiency and shorter operation time of gas dryers mean that you spend less on running costs. Also, natural gas and propane cost less than electricity in most regions.

Vents to the Outside

All gas dryers vent outside. This way, carbon monoxide and humid, hot air don’t remain inside the house but are safely released to the outdoors. 

Easy to Convert Between Propane and Natural Gas

You can convert your dryer from natural gas to liquid propane or inversely using a conversion kit to make the appliance compatible.

Cons of Gas Dryers