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Washer/Dryer Sizing Guide (All Sizes Listed)

Washers and dryers will likely prove necessary in your home, but with the cost, you want to ensure you are making a well-informed investment. Or you may need a little help in deciding if that sale is a perfect fit.

Knowing what size washers and dryers are available and with what functionality is useful. Thus, I have created this sizing guide to help you understand what is on the market and what will match your needs and space.

Size is influenced by the capacity of the washer or dryer, loader type, vented or ventless, stacking, or pedestals. The height is what varies the most, but there are still variations in depth and width.

Factors Influencing Washer/Dryer Sizes

Washers and dryers come in different categories.

You can categorize them according to drum capacity:

  • Compact (including washer/dryer combo)
    • washer: 1.5-3.4 ft3.
    • dryer: 2-4 ft3.
  • Standard
    • washer: 3.5-4.4 ft3.
    • dryer: 4.2-7.0 ft3.
  • Large
    • washer: 4.5-5.0 ft3.
    • dryer: 7.2-8.0 ft3.
  • Extra-large
    • washer:  5.1-9.2+ ft3.
    • dryer:  8.0+ ft3.

Not all manufacturers list their capacities in the same way. Here is a handy calculator that will help compare them.

Dryers have bigger drums but equivalent width and depth to washers. Between the categories, the units themselves get bigger and smaller (mostly in height).

Washer capacity can be influenced by whether it is an agitator or impellor action.

Along with capacity, there are several other factors influencing the size of your washer and dryer:

  • The orientation of your loader can make a difference. For example, top loaders are generally bigger and have slightly higher capacity than front loaders.
Front loader dryer versus top loader dryer
  • Stacking the appliances will, of course, increase the height needed to install them. However, a single unit (permanently stacked) that is manufactured as a merged unit can be slightly shorter.
  • Whether your dryer is vented or ventless will make a difference to the width and depth, depending on where the vent is located. You will need more space for the ducting of a vented dryer. On the other hand, there are more internal components to a ventless model.
  • Then there are also accessories to consider. For example, you can add a pedestal to your washer and dryer, which minimizes how far you need to bend to access the machines. But it does also make the machine taller.

SAMSUNG 27-Inch Washer Dryer Pedestal Stand w/ Pull Out Laundry Storage Drawer, Stainless Steel, WE402NE/A3, Ivory

Average Size for Front Loaders

Looking at several front loader models in different capacities across several brands, I have compiled this list of widths, heights, and depths that you can find in washers and dryers (electric and gas).

CapacityWidth RangeAverage WidthHeight RangeAverage HeightDepth RangeAverage Depth
Compact23 and 7/16″ – 24”24”33 and 1/4″ – 33 and 1/2”33 and 1/2″22 and 1/4″ – 25 and 5/8″25 and 1/4″
Standard24″ – 29”27”38″ – 43”33 and 5/8″**28″ – 32″28″
Large27″ – 28”27”38″ – 74 and 3/8”*38 and 5/8″30 and 3/8″ – 34″32″
Extra-large29″ – 29 and 5/8”29”40 and 7/8″ – 43 and 1/2”43 and 1/2**33 and 1/2″ – 33 and 3/8″33 and 1/2″
*Without including a stack in the list, the bigger range tends to be 39 3/4″
**Largely varied range makes an average difficult to determine

Average Size for Top Loaders

You will be hard-pressed to find a true top-loading dryer. It’s more efficient having front-facing barrel that can spin faster and dry clothes better. Instead, many “top-load” dryers are designed to aesthetically match with a top-loading washer, but are front loaders.

Below is a list of information from several models and brands:

CapacityWidth RangeAverage WidthHeight RangeAverage HeightDepth RangeAverage Depth
Compact21″ – 29”24”40 and 11/16″ – 46″42 and 3/4″23″ – 28″28″
Standard27″ – 27 and 1/2”27”42 and 1/2″ – 52”44″26″ – 27″27″
Large27″ – 27 and 3/4″27”44 and 1/4″ – 55 and 3/4″42 and 3/4″*27″ – 29 and 1/2″27″
Extra-large27 and 1/4 – 29 and 1/2”27”42 and 1/2″ – 58 and 1/2″43 and 7/16″27 and 7/8″ – 34″27 and 7/8″*
*Largely varied range makes an average difficult to determine

Ventless Dryer Dimensions

Ventless dryers are smaller than their vented counterparts because they are not efficient enough to handle the largest loads. They come as heat pump or condenser versions, which differ slightly in function, but neither requires a vent.

CapacityWidth RangeAverage WidthHeight RangeAverage HeightDepth RangeAverage Depth
Compact23 and 1/2″ – 23 and 7/8”23 and 1/2″33 and 1/4″ – 33 and 3/8″33 and 1/2″24″ – 25 and 11/16″25″
Standard23 and 1/2″ – 27”23 and 1/2″33 and 1/4″ – 40”33 and 1/4″25 and 1/4″ – 31 and 9/16″25 and 1/4″
Large27”27”38 and 3/4″*38 and 3/4″31″*31″
*There is only a small range of products available in this category
Compact ventless dryers inside a white cabinet

List of All Models Included in the Article

I have listed the models of washers and dryers that I used to construct the ranges and averages presented to you in the tables; however, I researched many more models to confirm the dimensions that I cannot list in their entirety.

Dryer or WasherMake and Model (and amazon link)CapacityWidthHeightDepth
Ventless dryerBosch WTG865H4UC4.0 ft323 and 1/2”33 and 1/4″25″
Ventless dryerElectrolux ELFE4222AW4.0 ft323 and 5/8”33 and 1/2″24″
WasherElectrolux ELFW7337AW4.4 ft327”38″32″
DryerElectrolux ELFE7537AT8.0 ft327”38″32″
Ventless dryerGE DCCH480EKWW4.0 ft323 and 7/8”33 and 3/8″25 and 11/16″
Ventless dryerGE GFT14ESSMWW4.1 ft323 and 7/8”33 and 1/4″25 and 1/4″
WasherGE GFW148SSMWW2.4 ft323 and 7/16”33 and 1/4″25 and 5/8″
WasherGE GFW850SPNRS5.0 ft328”39 and 3/4″34″
ComboGE GFWQ14ESSNWW2.4 ft323 and 7/8”33 and 1/4″25 and 5/8″
WasherGE GTW335ASNWW4.2 ft327”44″27″
WasherGE GTW720BSNWS4.8 ft327”46″27″
DryerKenmore 602226.5 ft329”43″28″
DryerKenmore 616339.2 ft329”43 and 1/2″33 and 1/2″
DryerLG DLE7100W7.3 ft327”44 and 1/4″29 and 1/2″
Ventless dryerLG DLEC888W4.2 ft324”33 and 1/2″25 and 1/4″
DryerLG DLEX9000V9.0 ft329″40 and 7/8″33 and 3/8″
StackLG WKEX200HBA4.5 ft3 (w) 7.4 ft3 (d)27”74 and 3/4″30 and 3/8″
WasherLG WM3499HVA2.3 ft324”33 and 1/2″25 and 1/4″
ComboLG WM3555HWA2.4 ft324”33 and 1/2″22 and 1/4″
WasherMaytag MVWB965HC6.0 ft329 and 1/2″43 and 7/16″30″
WasherMaytag MVW4505MW4.5 ft327 and 3/4″55 and 3/4″27″
WasherMaytag MVWP575GW3.5 ft327”42 and 1/2″26″
WasherMaytag MVW7232HW5.3 ft327 and 1/4”58 and 1/2″27 and 7/8″
Ventless dryerSamsung DV22N6800HW4.0 ft323 and 3/5”33 and 1/2″25 and 3/5″
WasherSamsung WV60A9900AV6.0 ft327”46 and 9/10″34″
WasherSpeed Queen TR7003WN3.2 ft325 and 5/8”42 and 3/4″28″
Ventless dryerWhirlpool WCD3090JW4.3 ft323 and 1/2″34″26″
Ventless dryerWhirlpool WFC682CLW4.5 ft327”38 and 5/8″31 and 9/16″
WasherWhirlpool WFW8620HC5.0 ft327”38 and 5/8″31 and 9/16″
Ventless dryerWhirlpool WHD560CHW7.4 ft327”38 and 3/4″31″
Ventless dryerWhirlpool WHD862CHC7.4 ft327”38 and 3/4″31″
WasherWhirlpool WTW2000HW1.6 ft321”46″23″
WasherWhirlpool WTW4850HW3.9 ft32 and 1/2″52″27″

Available Pedestal Sizes

The only dimension pedestals affect is height. On average, pedestals will add 15″ to the height of your washer or dryer.

These pedestals can come in different widths to match the width of your washer or dryer, and they can add valuable storage space to your laundry.

You can also add a pedestal washer to your washer, like the LG WD200CV SideKick (amazon link), in which you can do an extra 1 ft3 of washing. There are only pedestal washer options, no dryers, and the idea here is that you can run two loads to give you more washing capacity.

If your washer or dryer are too big for the doorway, here are some tips to help you make it work.



Monday 18th of December 2023

The Siemens ventless dryers in their IQ500 series are listed as having a 9kg capacity. How do I compare this to other dryers with cu ft capacity listing? On their web page:,WT48XRH9GB,WQ45G2D9GB

the drum volume is listed as 112 l

Michael Scott

Tuesday 19th of December 2023

Hello Jill,

I added a calculator to the article. You can use this to compare different models. Hope this helps! :)

If you can't find the calculator fromt this article you can also find it here -

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