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Do State Water Heaters Have Anode Rods

Have you decided that you need a heater with an anode rod, and you are wondering whether all State heaters have one? Or is it the opposite, and you are looking for a brand that sells good heaters without anode rods? Or you have no idea which one you need?

Don’t worry! We have the answers to all your questions regarding State water heaters and anode rods.

Glass-lined (regular) tank-type State water heaters have anode rods. Some come with the option of a powered anode as opposed to a sacrificial anode rod. Tankless water heaters do not require anode rods, and State’s tankless range are thus without anode rods.

State Water Heater Is a Brand, Not a Type of Heater

When we say State Heater, we are not talking about a specific model but rather about a water heater from one specific brand—State Water Heaters.

It is an American manufacturer of commercial and residential water heaters, that has been in operation for over 70 years. They are one of the leading brands in the water heater industry.

State offers different types of heaters, including both tankless and tank water heaters. Both types are available in electric range or gas range.

Necessity of Anode Rod Depends on Water Heater Type

The function of an anode rod is to ensure the tank of your water heater will not rust and corrode within a few months but that it lasts for years to come. Therefore, there is no need for it if your State heater is tankless.

However, if you have a tank heater, it is necessary to change the anode rod every few years, as it degrades with time. To do so, you need to know where exactly it is located. State heaters typically have the anode rods installed at the very top of the backside of the heater, right between the water connections.

Tank Water Heaters Must Have Anode Rods

Metal tanks full of water are in danger of becoming corroded. While an anode rod is not necessary to the function of the water heater, it does extend the life of the water heater. Anode rods do this by preferentially corroding (instead of the tank) due to the rod’s greater reactivity.

For this reason, the State Water Heaters brand makes sure that all of their glass-lined water heaters include a build-in anode rod. Any stainless steel water heater is naturally corrosion-resistant and does not need an anode rod.

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Tankless Water Heaters Don’t Need Anode Rod

Anode rods function as the ultimate line of defense in protecting water tanks from corrosion and thus also preventing them from potentially leaking or bursting.

Since their sole purpose is tied to the water tank itself, any tankless water heater does not need and does not have anode rods.

The great news is that all State’s gas tankless water heaters are condensing heaters. These models are much more energy-efficient than their non-condensing counterparts.

At the same time, the electric tankless heaters that State offers are also very energy efficient, but they are typically smaller and easier to install than the gas heaters.

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Some State Water Heaters Have Powered Anode

Regular anode rods deplete, and in order to keep protecting your water heater, they need to be changed regularly—we have already covered that! Their lifetime depends on the hardness of the water, the presence of a water softener, and the amount of water going through the heater.

But if you are planning to buy your new State water heater and you don’t really want to worry about replacing the anode rod, you can look into their models that come with a powered anode. These anodes are non-sacrificial, meaning they do not degrade and thus can also better deal with different water conditions and provide the heater with enhanced protection.

State Water Heaters have quite a few heaters with the powered anode in their selection. For example, they have 80-gallon Premier Hybrid Electric Heat Pump. They also offer a plethora of gas tank heaters that have powered anodes. Their capacity ranges from 40 to 75 gallons.

On top of that, the brand gives you an option to buy the powered anode system independently. It is suitable for electric and gas 30–120 gallon heaters, regardless of whether they are residential or commercial.

This system is superior to different ones because it allows the anode to adjust to current conditions and provides the heater with as much or as little protection as is required at any given moment.


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