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8 Range Hoods Made In USA

When designing or remodeling your kitchen, it is important to consider what type of range hood is best for your home based on the style and features of the model. Below is a list of 8 unique range hoods that are effective and produced here in the USA.

1. Haube Hood Co. Traditional Range Hood

The Traditional Range Hood (link to manufacturer webpage) has two horizontal/vertical straps, a large apron, and is designed to blend seamlessly into almost any home. All range hoods produced by this company are 28″ tall and designed for an 8-foot ceiling.

Image by Haube Range Hood Co.

Capacity: 390 CFM.


All range hoods manufactured by this company are customizable. The traditional series comes in 10 different body shapes, a variety of metal finish options, and several various metal finish options for the straps and rivets.

Range hoods with a top horizontal strap can have a flue added to them which makes the appliance suitable for a 9 or 10-foot ceiling.


This company does not have any pre-designed models to choose from. To purchase a range hood, customers will need to customize the design themselves, which can be time-consuming.

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2. Imperial WHP1900PS1-TWB-8 Wall Range Hood

The Imperial WHP1900PS1-TWB-8 (link to manufacturer webpage) is designed with a pyramid-like structure. It is 14″ high and 24″ deep. This model is able to be purchased with a width of 48″ or 54″.

Capacity: up to ±1290 CFM.


This Imperial model has a stainless steel finish, and customers have the option to add a black or white powder coat. It contains aluminum baffle filters that are dishwasher safe, has two LED lights on the front panel, and dual twin blowers to ensure efficient performance.

Imperial Kitchen Ventilation also provides a 7-year warranty on their products.


The lights on this model may burn out frequently and will need to be changed.

3. XtremeAir USA PX02V1/DL02 Pro-X Series

The XtremeAir USA PX02V1/Dl02 Pro-X Series (link to manufacturer webpage) has a beautifully crafted, seamless body that is made with stainless steel. The steel and parts of this range hood are manufactured outside of the USA, but I have chosen to include this range hood because it is designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA, and it is a good product.

Image by Xtreme Air

Capacity: ±900 CFM.


This range hood comes with stainless steel baffle filters that are dishwasher safe, and a long tunnel oil container that can be removed. It is also equipped with a touchscreen electronic control panel where users can choose between four different speeds or turn on the blue LED light display.

In addition, the range hood has a programmable delayed shut-off.


The light produced by the LED lamps has a very high color temperature, so it may not match the lighting in some kitchens (although it can be replaced with any GU10 socket type bulb in the temperature/color that you prefer).

4. The Metal Peddler Arts & Crafts Copper Range Hood

The Arts & Crafts Copper Range Hood (link to manufacturer webpage) is handcrafted using 48 oz. of copper and a sturdy frame. Buyers are able to customize the height, width, finish, texture, bands, fan unit, and filter type of this range hood.

Capacity: 500-1500 CFM.


Depending on the desired width of the model, this range hood comes with 2-3 halogen lamps. It is also able to detect excessive heat, and the speed of the fan will adjust automatically in response. This model has multiple speed settings ranging from 500 to 1500 CFM.


Because this product is handcrafted, it typically takes 8-12 weeks to deliver but can take even longer. If you need your range hood within 12 weeks or earlier, it will cost an additional $600 (price in 2021).

5. Vogler Metalwork and Design Alpine Range Hood

The Alpine Range Hood (link to manufacturer webpage) is a uniquely designed model which has a body shape that features two curves and a tapered straight line. It is designed or customized by the client and is available to purchase with a wide variety of textures and finishes.

Image by Vogler Metalwork and Design


This product uses 100% pure zinc and copper in many of its parts. Due to their nonporous properties, these metals are very easy to clean. Because these metals are also very soft, they are able to have a unique texture applied to them.


To receive more information on this product’s features, customers will need to contact the seller directly rather than browsing the company website. Additionally, large items such as a range hood can be shipped from this company, but it will cost $150-$300 (price in 2021) depending on the location of the buyer.

6. Summit Appliance ADAH1624SS

The ADAH1624SS (link to manufacturer webpage) is an under-cabinet range hood that is constructed using stainless steel and is also coated with brushed stainless steel on its exterior.

Capacity: 160 CFM.


This product is ADA compliant. It comes with a white wall switch, so the controls are able to be installed separately from the range hood at a lower height in accordance with ADA guidelines. It is convertible, meaning it can be used with top or rear venting but can be converted into a non-vented or recirculating mode. It includes a 2-speed fan to meet various ventilation needs.


While this model is manufactured in the USA, not all products from this company are made in the United States. This product does not come with a light.

7. Modern-Aire PS-19

The PS-19 (link to manufacturer webpage) is completely customizable and has a wide variety of unique features for buyers to choose from when designing the range hood that is best for their home.


The width, depth, and height of this range hood can all be customized to ensure that that it is a perfect fit for your home. This range hood can be designed to have a width anywhere from 30″ to 96″ and a height of 30″ to 100″.

This model is also equipped with halogen lighting and stainless steel baffle filters.

Capacity: 200-1400 CFM (depending on if you get the internal, exterior, or inline blowers).


Modern Aire range hoods are pricier in comparison to other range hoods available to purchase.

Most consumers are happy with the performance of this appliance but said it can become a little loud from time to time.

8. Stanisci Design Birmingham Series Wood Range Hood

Range hoods from the Birmingham Series (link to manufacturer webpage) are unique, stylish, and available in many different designs.


These range hoods can be customized and ordered with a width of up to 60″. Buyers have the option to order their range hood with a hardwood base, decorative base, or stainless steel base.

Each range hood within the Birmingham Series has a unique design. There are plenty of styles to choose from to ensure that you select the range hood that fits best in your home.


This company does not sell directly to the public. Pricing quotes will need to be obtained through a cabinet professional. However, you can contact the manufacturer using their website with any questions you have regarding their products.

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