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Pros and Cons of a Rectangular Bathroom Sink

Rectangular Bathroom Sink ProsRectangular Bathroom Sink Cons
They are more modernDon’t fit into traditional bathroom styles
They are suitable for smaller spacesThey are less child friendly
Much easier to install in DIY vanitiesThey are difficult to keep clean
Work well in larger vanities or spaces

Rectangular bathroom sinks are modern, but this can make them look odd in traditional-style bathrooms. They are space-effective for small bathrooms yet are also a great for larger vanities and spaces. They are easy to install in DIY vanities, but they are harder to clean. Corners are not child-friendly.

the pros and cons of having rectangular bathroom sinks

Pros of Rectangular Bathroom Sinks

More Modern Look

For the last few years, it has become increasingly uncommon to find the classic circular sink in bathrooms. They have since been replaced with the contemporary and stylish rectangular-shaped sink, which fits in perfectly with the modern style bathrooms we see today. 

Whether your bathroom is filled with luxurious marble or the concrete countertop trend, the sharp lines and smooth edges are what make rectangular bathroom sinks a sleek addition to any bathroom. 

With hundreds of options available—from concrete to ceramic, matte or shine, and vessel, drop-in, or under-mount rectangular sinks—you will certainly be spoilt for choice; just look at the examples below:

Scarabeo Scarabeo 5114-One Hole Ceramic Wall Mounted Rectangular Bathroom Sink, 23.62 x 17.32 x 5.51 inches, White
  • Rectangular white ceramic sink with counter space
  • Wall-mounted or vessel application
  • With overflow
  • Single faucet hole

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No products found.

VCCUCINE 19"x15" Rectangle Above Counter Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Vanity Sink Art Basin
  • Sleek And Elegant: European inspired modern contemporary style design.
  • Premium Quality Ceramic Construction: delicate and solid ceramic with crystalline glaze.
  • Durable and Smooth Ceramic: Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Above the counter installation.

Last update on 2023-12-04 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

If you are on a mission to modernize your bathroom, transitioning from a traditional two-piece toilet to a sleek one piece toilet can make a world of difference.

Better for Small Spaces 

Most of us dream of a large, luxurious bathroom but sometimes having a small bathroom is just unavoidable. You are confined in terms of space but you still want the functionality that would be provided by a larger bathroom.

Gimify Bathroom Corner Sink Wall Hung Basin Rectangular Wall Mounted Small Cloakroom Sink Ceramic Modern in White - Faucet & No Overflow Drain Included


By installing a rectangular-shaped sink in your bathroom, you will be able to have the largest basin bowl size possible, in the spot reserved for your basin. If you were to have the classic round or oval-shaped basin, you would be losing the space of the corners.

Easier to Install in DIY Vanities

Being a DIY-er myself, I know how tedious it can be to install a sink into a vanity. Here come the measuring tapes, pencils, and rulers, along with the hair-pulling and grunts.

If you opt for a rectangular sink, you eliminate the frustration that comes with measuring a hole for a rounded sink. It is much easier to measure and cut out a rectangle in your vanity than it is to carve a circle. This also makes installing undermount sinks without a pesky gap so much easier.

You save time, effort, and sanity while increasing the accuracy of your measurements: a sure win-win!

Suitable for Larger Vanities or Spaces

If you have a spacious bathroom or even just a large vanity, you can really make the most of your space by installing a wider rectangular sink, without compromising the space around the vanity as would happen with a round basin. After all, if you increase the width of a circle or oval, you necessarily increase the length, which means the basin will protrude further out into the room.

Pannow 61 Inch Vanity Top Stone Carrara White Tops with Undercounter Rectangular Ceramic Bathroom Sink and Back Splash for Bathroom Cabinet Natrual Marble Stone (Not Include the Cabinet)

You can also opt for a deeper rectangular basin, which is not only more functional but also adds a style element to your space. 

If you truly want to capitalize on the space provided by your large vanity, ditch the singular double sinks and install one long rectangular basin with two taps. Not only are you modernizing your space, you and your partner still get your own areas, but with only one sink to clean.

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Cons of Rectangular Bathroom Sinks

Can Look Out of Place in Traditional Style Bathrooms 

Traditional bathrooms never go out of style, with many houses still embracing these today. Traditional style bathrooms are known to have porcelain elements, with rounded bathtubs, sinks, copper taps, and brass finishes.

If you throw a grey, concrete, drop-in rectangular sink into the mix, you just might confuse your guests as to what era you have styled your bathroom. 

If you live in an older home, with more traditional decor, it might be best to stick with the classic round or oval basin, which complements the timeless style.

As a Pedestal, They Are Less Child-Friendly 

If you opt for a pedestal-type rectangular sink, you risk reducing the user-friendliness of the bathroom for your younger guests.

With an average height of 33″, the sink may be slightly out of reach for a young child. They will have to be lifted by an adult to help them reach the sink so that they can wash their hands.

Another issue of rectangular pedestal sinks is the corners. Although they are rounded, and therefore not truly sharp, they are corners nonetheless and thus hold a risk for young children who may be running around the bathroom. If you’ve ever winded yourself on the rounded corner of a bed, you will know exactly what I mean!

The same reasoning also applies to wall-mounted rectangular sinks.

If you set your sink into a vanity, you will eradicate these problems. Vanities usually have some counter space, allowing you to lift the child, and let them sit next to the sink while washing their hands, giving your arms a break. When the sink is dropped into the vanity, the corners are no longer visible, which means less risk of bumped heads. 

Difficult to Keep Clean 

Despite being aesthetically pleasing, rectangular bathroom sinks can be tough to keep clean. Soapy water, toothpaste, old make-up, and other dirt are more likely to accumulate and get embedded into the corners of the sink, which is not only unhygienic but also unsightly. 

Your weekly cleaning schedule will need to make room for regular deep cleaning of your bathroom sink. This will be required to prevent build-up, and keep your sink looking fresh and pristine. Try using an old toothbrush to clean those tough-to-reach spots in porcelain sinks, or keep a microfibre cloth nearby to give your basin a quick wipe after use.

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