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Do You Need Power Tools for IKEA Furniture

With their reasonable prices, IKEA has become increasingly popular when it comes to furnishing a home, especially college dorms and first homes. The trade-off for lower prices, however, is the required self-assembly that can become a daunting task for just about anybody who isn’t a carpenter. 

This does not mean power tools cannot shorten the process. Power tools, in most instances, can save the consumer time and irritation, but the necessity or benefits of using them is dependent on the piece of furniture as well as the power tool in question. 

Some pieces of IKEA furniture require a power drill to complete assembly. However, most can be assembled with the tools provided or other non-powered standard tools, such as screwdrivers and wrenches. The pieces that need power tools specify this in the instructions, which can be accessed online.

IKEA Assembly Instructions List All Tool Required 

Trying to assemble furniture from IKEA can get a bit tricky, but on paper, it’s designed to be fairly simple. Customers looking to purchase furniture from IKEA can view the product’s details and see what tools will be required for assembly. There are models that require as little as a screwdriver, a spirit level, and a pencil. Others could require more, even as much as an electric drill. 

Help Instructions

If you’re worried about not having the proper tools for a piece of furniture or would like to avoid something that requires more than what you already own, IKEA provides this information in the product’s details. Scroll to product details, select assembly instructions, and then open the corresponding pdf file. 

The pdf files and included instruction booklet also show the tools that come included with the furniture. While these tools would be enough to assemble the furniture, keep in mind that it may be easier to do with tools of your own or additional tools. 

Electric Drills Are Most Commonly Required 

Power tools are not always needed to assemble IKEA furniture, but there are instances that do call upon them. Electric drills are by far the most commonly required power tool, although the majority of IKEA furniture does not require power tools at all.

When the assembly instructions say that holes are necessary, the most reliable option is an electric drill. It’s important to use the specified tools that IKEA recommends to accurately and safely assemble your furniture. Drilling a hole by hand is time-consuming and can lead to inaccuracies and damaging the product. 

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I’ve put furniture together in the past, and instead of using a drill, I used a hammer and a screw starter to make a small hole. I thought it worked until I actually started putting the screw in, and the wood began to split because the hole wasn’t nearly large enough. Using a drill in that situation would have been the smarter route and would have saved me some time and money for the board I had to replace.

Best Electric Drill for IKEA Furniture 

If an electric drill is needed for the job, finding the right one is the next step. The price of drills can range from as low as around $30 all the way up to sets well over $200. While the quality of the drill is important, it’s not necessary to overspend for it.

The Black+Decker 20V MAX Cordless Drill is a really popular option and can be easily purchased online. You can get different sets that include drill bits or extra batteries, but these will raise the price.

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Electric Screwdrivers Can Make Assembly Easier 

Even if no power tools are required according to the assembly instructions, an electric screwdriver can speed up the process of assembly. Typically, an electric screwdriver is slightly larger than a normal screwdriver but still lightweight, portable, and usable with one hand.

Many models have adjustable heads allowing them to reach into tight corners and other difficult areas. The bit of the device can be swapped out depending on the screw type, making it even more versatile. 

A great deal of the furniture at IKEA does not require holes to be drilled, making most of the work simply twisting screws into place. For easy jobs like this, an electric screwdriver is the perfect tool to save you time and frustration.

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A Caution if Using Power Tools 

If the instructions of assembly do not specifically order the use of power tools, it’s important to exercise discretion so that your product isn’t damaged in the process.

IKEA products are not always made of the strongest materials. Oftentimes pieces of furniture can be made out of press-wood or other materials that lack durability and, if damaged during assembly, may not always be covered under warranty. 

For example, if you were to use an electric drill to drive screws into the furniture, it is very easy to strip out the holes for the screws and decrease their holding power. Even putting the drill on the lowest setting may not prevent this from happening simply because of the torque produced when the drill is used.

This is why it is crucial to know what your IKEA furniture is made of.

Does IKEA Furniture Come With Tools?

All purchases from IKEA also come with equipment to assemble the product. Depending on what you bought, this could include Allen wrenches, cross-slot screwdrivers, and of course, the screws and other additional pieces to connect the furniture. 

Although you could struggle with the cheap tools provided, it would be to your benefit to supply some of your own. Not only do the sizes of screws vary, requiring different size screwdrivers, but it also saves you from using a not-so user-friendly tool that will inevitably start to strain your hand.

Other power tools like the ones discussed earlier are another option but would need to be procured separately from the furniture.


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