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MUDEELA Pot Organizer Review

The MUDEELA Pot Organizer is meant to bring order to items that are often disorderly—pots and pans. It can be assembled in three different ways, depending on how many items and how much space you have, although the maximum is eight pots, pans, and their lids.

This organizer is equipped with eight metal and rubber racks. The shape of the racks, an “M” shape, is meant to provide stable shelves where pot cover handles can be secured, and heavy pots can sit comfortably. 

MUDEELA Pot Organizer box front and back

First Impressions

The look and feel of this product are great once you unpack the pieces. 

The rubber is sturdy and smooth, with enough stick to keep heavy metal kitchen items from slipping. 

The metal is sturdy, and the paint is even, with no blemishes such as chips, chunks, or scratching.

I noticed one small imperfection in the metal (a few small grooves) but I don’t think this will affect the integrity of the product. 

What It’s Like to Assemble

I had a bit of trouble with assembly since I did not know how to remove the metal dividers from their placement within the larger frame. Additionally, the plastic was a bit hard to remove as I wasn’t aware that I should remove the dividers first. This made the process a bit messy. 

MUDEELA Pot Organizer wrapped in a plastic
MUDEELA Pot Organizer instruction

However, after I figured out how to remove the dividers and place them in the frame (you have to squeeze at their ends to release them from their placement) assembly was very quick. 

With the instructions given, I was able to assemble each different method of assembly in less than two minutes. 

Each of the assembly methods works well. 

The horizontal one, where the pans, lids, and pots are placed vertically, is stable enough to keep the items from falling out. 

Horizontal on one side MUDEELA Pot Organizer with pots and lids placed in a kitchen

My only problem with this method is that not all eight dividers fit since only one side of the organizer can be used. However, this makes sense for a smaller space since the usage of all eight dividers takes up more space. 

Additionally, and this is only a problem for me since I have a pot lid that is oddly shaped, the divider does not hold the pot lid correctly if the handle is too small (as seen in the pictures.) 

However, it makes sense that not all pots, pans, and lids will fit since it is not necessarily a one-size-fits-all product, but rather one-size-fits-most.

The second method had the dividers placed vertically (only on one side) and the pots horizontally. This one worked as well as the first. 

There was a slight lean because of the weight of the pans, but it held up surprisingly well with the weight of the pans all on one side. 

The pans and lids did not slip and sat nicely. 

The third method was my favorite. 

It had dividers on both sides of the main frame and I was able to use all eight dividers. 

It was balanced nicely and the pots, pans, and lids sat well. 

How the Pots and Pans Fit

With eight dividers, the product claims to hold eight pots, pans, or lids. 

This claim is true as long as you have a balance of each kitchen item. 

For example, placing eight lids would be a waste of space but eight pots would certainly not fit. 

I found that three pots (two stacked within each other), four lids (I did not have a fourth lid), and two pans fit very nicely. 

As far as the range of pots, pans, and lids that it can fit, I think it handles a large range.

The gray pot pictured has a fairly small base but it sits fairly well.

Vertical on both sides MUDEELA Pot Organizer with pots and lids

I also have a large, heavy pan in the bottom right that extends past the frame but still sits well. 

In the horizontal configuration where the dividers are vertical, I found that small pans and lids didn’t sit as well as they did when horizontal, but they still did not fall out of the organizer. 

In each configuration, the organizer held steady and did not give any signs of falling, despite the slight lean of the second method. 

I do not have a cast iron pan to test its strength but the large pan pictured is heavy. When this was put on a top rack, the organizer held steady but the pan stuck out a bit more. 

How It Fits in the Kitchen Cabinets

The length, width, and height of the organizer are listed as 21.44″x 7.86″x 16.52″. I found this to be accurate with the product I received. 

Unfortunately, this makes it a bit difficult to fit in some cabinets, but with the measurements provided, you will be able to tell if it will fit before you buy the product.

My cabinets are plenty wide (2’9”), but they are separated by shelves, making them only 11 inches tall. This means I cannot fit any of the configurations, even the first one, in my cabinets.

However, my cabinets may be an outlier in terms of design. 

Before buying this product, it is highly recommended to measure the length, width, and height of your cabinets. 

Man measuring a cabinet using a measuring steel tape

Although the organizer does not fit in my cabinets, I was able to fit it onto my counter.

As long as you have enough counter space and you like the look of the organizer in your kitchen, I think this organizer can fit onto a countertop. 

If the organizer does fit into your cabinets, it can be fairly easy to get it inside as long as the empty frame is placed first and then the pots. 

The frame and its dividers are strong enough to hold pots, pans, and lids when stable but when moved as a whole, a pot, pan, or lid may come crashing down. 

Assessing User-Friendliness

As far as grabbing a pot, pan, or lid when you need it, this organizer makes that easy. 

You do not need to hold it steady when doing so. Even when the weights on each side are changing, the organizer holds steady. 

When grabbing a pot, pan, or lid when in a cabinet rather than on a counter, it may be a bit more difficult, especially if the cabinet is above or below your arm height.

They would need to be brought out horizontally and then brought toward you because of the dividers. This is not a huge inconvenience, though. It would just be a matter of getting used to the action, which is something we have all done before.

I think that the dividers would be fairly easy to wash since they are smooth and don’t have too complex of shapes. 

They would be able to fit in a dishwasher somewhat well as long as they are placed on their side and spaced accordingly. 

The main frame may be difficult to hand wash because of the small slots. However, these slots are necessary to the structure and would not be impossible to clean. The process may just take a bit longer. 

Vertical on one side MUDEELA Pot Organizer

Washing the main frame in the dishwasher may prove difficult because of its large size but, on its side, it could fit. 

Longevity of Use

When I applied pressure on the dividers, the metal rebounded and kept its horizontal position despite the additional weight of a pan. 

Although this test does not simulate a year or so of wear and tear, I think that pots, pans, and lids of medium weight or lower would do little to damage the organizer. 

I think that it is possible that a large pot or a cast iron pan on a divider other than the ones on the bottom could cause the divider to sink under the weight over time. 

To increase the longevity of this product, I would recommend lighter items on the top dividers and heavier items on the bottom dividers.

Overall Impression

I was fairly impressed with the MUDEELA Pot Organizer (amazon link). My roommates were, too. We especially liked the configuration of the third method. 

Vertical on both sides MUDEELA Pot Organizer with pots and lids

Its integrity was much better than I was expecting and its stability despite large pots and pans was surprisingly good. 

It was very easy to assemble once I figured out how to remove the dividers, so this didn’t detract from the overall experience in any way.

I think this would be the most convenient on a counter (if you have plenty of counter space), but, if your cabinets are large enough, fitting it in a cabinet would be just fine—I’d probably choose an upper cabinet. 

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