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IKEA Online Return Policy Explained

Online shopping is very helpful, especially when purchasing furniture, as it allows you to buy larger items without having to arrange transportation for them yourself. Even just online returns of items that you purchased in-store would make life so much simpler.

Unfortunately, there are certain issues with online returns, which make some retailers hesitant to offer this service. IKEA is one such retailer.

IKEA do not offer online returns for items purchased in-store or online. To return these items, go to the returns desk in the nearest IKEA and they will help to process the refund. Larger items can be picked up after the return is arranged in-store.

Returns Cannot Be Handled Online

According to their policy, IKEA doesn’t allow for any product returns to take place online or through the mail.

If you have an item that you want to return, you must go in person to a physical store near you to handle the return.

Exchange and returns sign of an IKEA Store

There are a few possible reasons why they might follow this policy. For starters, it is much easier to handle a return in person on both ends since you will need to show them the item, proof of purchase, etc.

In addition, if they were to accept returns through the mail, it would either be an extra expense for either the business or the customer, as someone would have to pay for the postage.

Finally, avoiding online returns could help prevent return fraud. It makes it a little bit harder to return something, which may prevent some people from repeatedly returning items for personal gain.

It also ensures that they have the item in their possession before they issue the refund or store credit.

Online Purchase Returns Are Also Handled In-Store

Unfortunately, the IKEA policy doesn’t change from the description above in regards to returning an item that was purchased online.

If you would like to return an online purchase, it still needs to be handled in person at a physical IKEA store location.

The only difference between returning something purchased in-store versus online is the proof of purchase. For an item bought online, you will show a confirmation email as proof rather than a receipt.

The reasons for the policy being this way despite the item being purchased online are likely the same as I described in the previous section—convenience, cost, and fraud protection.

In addition, IKEA probably does it this way to ensure that their policy for returns is consistent. This makes it easier for both the customer and employees as there is only one course of action to take.

Returns Process

Where to Go

Again, to complete the return process you will need to go in person to a physical IKEA store in a location near you.

On their website, IKEA provides a helpful search engine tool that allows you to look up the store closest to your location.

Website of IKEA on how to find an IKEA location near you in a laptop

When you get there, there will be signs leading to the exchanges and returns desk. Follow the signs; this is the place you will need to go to. If you get lost, you can always ask an employee for assistance.

Upon arriving at the exchanges and returns desk, you will need to sign up for a place in line (if there’s a queue). Then, all that’s left is to wait for your turn at the counter.

What You Need

Of course, you will need to bring the item you’re returning. If you’re only returning part of an item, bring the individual part.

You need to bring proof of your purchase. In this case, bring the confirmation email received after making the online purchase.

You also need a valid, government-issued photo ID. This is so that the company will have your transaction on record to track returns and prevent fraud.

In addition, bring the card you used to make the payment. If you don’t have the confirmation email anymore, they can try to use your card number to find your purchase.

Finally, you aren’t required to bring the original packaging for a return. However, if you have it you should bring it, as it may help the return process.

Items That Cannot Be Returned

One item that the refund policy excludes is plants. This is because the buyer assumes responsibility for taking care of the plant when it’s purchased, so the store won’t accept returns for unhealthy plants.

In addition, cut fabric can’t be returned. This is because when a buyer chooses their cut fabric, they watch an employee cut the material and can ask for a new cut if they aren’t satisfied.

In addition, IKEA will struggle to resell cut fabrics and there is a lot more wastage if they try.

Custom countertops are another thing that can’t be returned. This is because the buyer is required to express their satisfaction before the installation job is finished.

Once the counter is put in, the buyer must sign a certificate of completion to certify that they are happy with the result.

Finally, as-is products cannot be returned. There are two reasons for this. The first is that as-is products are typically sold on these terms, and the second is that as-is products are sold for less than their value.

Damaged items can be returned but only if they were purchased damaged.


Similarly to a refund, exchanging an item or bringing it back for store credit are processes that must also happen in a physical store.

Blonde woman with glasses returning a gray carpet from IKEA

You may refund any item (besides the exceptions they list in the policy) for any reason, as long as you bring the items I mentioned before and there isn’t any evidence that fraud is being committed.

For an exchange, you must bring a series of items into the store for it to be processed. These include the product, a photo ID, the card used for the purchase, and the receipt or order confirmation.

As for receiving store credit, this is most often done when something is returned with a gift receipt, or when a refund is requested but there’s no proof of purchase.

In some cases, there may be an issue with giving you a refund, but they can give you store credit or an exchange.

Larger Items Can Be Picked Up

If you have a large item that you want to return and aren’t able to bring it in-store for the refund to be processed, there is still an option for you.

IKEA offers a pickup service for large items that are refunded. To arrange for this, you will still need to go to a physical store with all of the items I’ve discussed (besides the item you will be returning) and handle the refund.

Your refund should be issued at this time. In addition, the refund will be issued in whatever form of payment the item was originally purchased with.

Then, you will be able to arrange for pickup of the item there at the IKEA exchanges and return counter. Simply speak with the employee and arrange for a pickup time.

It’s important to note that there is a small fee for the pickup service. It is a fixed rate based on how many items you have, and you will likely be asked to pay that fee while setting up a pickup time.

From there, you’re all set! The item will be picked up on the day and time you arranged for, and your return will be fully completed.


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