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IKEA Last Chance to Buy | What Does It Mean

IKEA is known for its affordable prices on stylish pieces, so it’s hard to imagine their items being any cheaper, but IKEA does have a bargain section. This is predominantly made up of their “Last Chance to Buy” items.

Streetside pick-ups that need refurbishment can be really great furniture projects. But, if you are looking for new furniture and ridiculously low prices, then you won’t go wrong investigating IKEA’s Last Chance items. Let’s look at what makes these items Last Chance, where and how to get hold of them, as well as some bargain hunt cautions.

IKEA’s Last Chance to Buy items are those that have been discontinued. This can be because they are being replaced with newer models or because they were poor sellers. Last Chance items are typically discounted. Getting replacement parts can be very difficult when the item is discontinued.

Last Chance Items Are Being Phased Out

One possible reason for IKEA furniture and other items to be under the Last Chance to Buy section is that the items are about to be phased out, or discontinued.

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This basically means that the manufacturers will no longer be producing new stock of the specific item, so what is left in-store and the limited items available on platforms like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are literally your last chance to get it.

The manufacturers are not doing this just to spite you. The decision to stop production is usually related to how well the business is doing.

For instance, a certain chair design might be phasing out because it did not sell as well as the producers thought it would. So, instead of continuing making these chairs and having storerooms filled with chairs that nobody wants, they will stop making more and simply sell the remaining chairs for a lower price in order to make them more appealing to the consumer.

Another common reason is that a new, better product has been designed to replace the current one. Whether it be a couch made of higher-quality materials or in a larger size, if it has the potential to appeal to a wider audience, then its predecessor will not be produced any longer.

Last Chance Items Get Discounted

If you see a product on the Last Chance list, don’t be surprised if the price has been slashed in half, or reduced even further.

Since IKEA is trying to get rid of their stock, to either phase out an inferior item and replace it with another, or to simply sell the stock that just won’t get off the shelves, they place them on clearance sale. This means that the items are going to be priced way down.

These (sometimes ridiculously) cheap items can become extremely attractive to buyers. However, there is always a risk when purchasing them. If a component of the item you buy is faulty or breaks, it will be quite difficult, and in some cases even impossible, to obtain any replacement parts. So, even if it feels like IKEA is basically giving you the desk or chair, there are strings attached.

Can You Buy Last Chance IKEA Items Online?

You will probably find a few Last Chance items scattered throughout your local IKEA store. Here you can physically see the items that will no longer be sold or produced tagged with yellow labels that indicate a price reduction of at least 50%.

Some IKEA’s might have a designated section in their store, but it is common for the reduced items to just stay in their normal aisles and categories.

However, you don’t need to waste your precious time or gas money driving to your closest IKEA as you do have the option of buying these discounted items from the comfort of your cellphone or laptop. Simply search “Last Chance to Buy” on the IKEA website; it is usually under the campaigns heading on the menu list.

You will then be able to search through their catalog of items, nicely sorted into categories for you. It is a great way to shop when you know you have a particular type of product in mind.

What you do need to bear in mind is that IKEA’s online servers may not be completely up-to-date. This means that you could purchase an item that says is still in stock, but by the time IKEA process your order, the stock is actually finished. As these items are discontinued your options are refund or store credit.

Does IKEA Have a List of Last Chance Items?

IKEA does have a list of all the items in their Last Chance category, which can be found on their website.

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You can either shop via category, according to a variety of filters (such as by price or even by popularity) or you can simply browse a mixed batch of discounted soon-to-be gone items.

Will IKEA Hold Last Chance Items?

IKEA in general does not hold any items. In some limited cases, they might hold your item for one day at most (although most stores won’t keep your products for more than a few hours), if you have already paid for it.

This is their policy for all products, including those items on sale. So, when they say it is your last chance to buy the product, it really could be the case; if you do not buy the item and take it with you immediately, there is no guarantee that it will be there for you when you come back even a day later.

If you see something you like online, notice it is in stock, and then go to the relevant store, there is a chance that the item might not be there when you get there. This could be because the item might be kept in a warehouse and is purely for the online shopping store, or someone else could have bought it already and the employees may not have updated the website as yet.

To avoid any disappointments, try to purchase online when you can, but if you absolutely have to go in-store, then try to call ahead to see if your desired product is in fact there.

Best Items to Buy From Last Chance Collection

Okay, so now that we have clarified just what you can expect from IKEA’s famous Last Chance to Buy sales, we come to the question of whether these discounted purchases will actually be worth it!

I would suggest purchasing items that you know are going to last, and won’t cause more hassle than they’re worth. For instance, a lot of IKEA’s storage and organizational items fall into the former category.

If there was ever a time to re-do your pantry in a way that would make Marie Kondo smile with pride, it would be when your local IKEA places any storage baskets, food containers, or labels on sale. These items are going to be only a few dollars, so it won’t really matter if they don’t last a lifetime.

When it comes to purchasing larger furniture off of this list, be mindful of whether or not you might need replacement parts. Yes, that bedframe you have had your eye on is now 50% off, but when you’re a leg short, then you’ll find yourself willing to pay anything to get your hands on replacement parts that are not going to be available.

Another way to take advantage of the sale would be to use it to buy possible gifts for friends and family. You could buy discounted throws, pillows, and other home décor that you know your friends would love, for a fraction of the cost.

Anything can end up on the Last Chance list, even products that are surprisingly high in quality and will last you a long time. A low of reviews note that the Hermes Dresser is extremely durable and has been known to last over a decade without fading.


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