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IKEA Delivery Taking Too Long | 4 Things You Can Do About It

Delivery services allow you to purchase items without the hassle of going to the store. However, unlike in-store purchases, where you get your orders immediately, you would have to wait until the items are delivered to you. 

Although convenient, it might pose a problem if you purchase essential items and they do not arrive when they are expected to. Like other organizations that offer delivery services, IKEA isn’t immune to delivery delays and in this article, I explain four ways you can tackle delayed deliveries.

  • Call IKEA daily
  • Email as many people as possible and follow up
  • Contact IKEA publicly on social media
  • Cancel the order and choose click and collect

Delayed Deliveries Are Common

IKEA provides an expected delivery date for every online purchase. However, even IKEA warns that the dates aren’t always guaranteed and orders might arrive later than expected. So, it isn’t uncommon for items to come a few days or even weeks later than they are supposed to.

In fact, some would argue that IKEA’s delivery services are notably unreliable.

The type of item you purchase and your preferred delivery method would determine how soon you get your order. But regardless of the size and method of delivery, all IKEA items are expected to be delivered within 1-30 days. 

Having to wait months for your furniture or household items is simply not acceptable. However, it isn’t unheard of for IKEA orders to be delivered 3-6 months late. Most times, the time gets drawn out by repeatedly rescheduled delivery dates.

Here are some other factors that cause late deliveries:

  1. Extreme weather
  2. Labor shortages
  3. Inaccurate shipping information
  4. Holidays
  5. Supply chain issues
Other factors that cause late IKEA deliveries: extreme weather, labor shortages, inaccurate shipping information, holidays and supply chain issues

The first thing to do if you are experiencing delivery delays is to confirm that your delivery details, i.e., your address and phone number/email address are correct. Once you are sure that the fault isn’t from your end, you can proceed to make complaints to IKEA. 

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Can IKEA Help You?

Unless you purchased the item from a third-party store, IKEA is your only point of contact and it only makes sense that you reach out to them for help.

Complaints are usually attended to by the customer service department. So, you can start by sending an email to IKEA with your complaints as well as your order and delivery information. 

However, IKEA’s operations are diversified and they often partner with third-party delivery services to handle deliveries. So, IKEA’s in-house customer service unit might be unable to help with your complaints.

But even if the delivery is controlled by an external body, it’s always a good idea to reach out to IKEA because, at the very least, you might get an update on the status of your package and the complaints can be escalated to the appropriate bodies. 

Customers have voiced their frustrations with the unresponsive nature of IKEA’s support team regarding delivery-related issues. So, contacting IKEA does not guarantee that you will get your order as soon as you want them delivered. 

You can keep up with the status of your order on IKEA’s website. You would need your order number as well as the phone number or email you used to make the order for this, so ensure that you have the necessary information handy. 

4 Things to Do When Deliveries Are Taking Too Long

It isn’t in your power to speed up delivery, so the most you can do is send complaints and reach out to the units/people who can be of help.

1. Be the Daily Caller

You probably know the popular saying, “out of sight, out of mind.” The idea is to ensure that your complaint is always on the table of the appropriate bodies, making it difficult for them to keep ignoring your issue. 

Man wearing white shirt talking to a phone while writing down notes

Now, there is a thin line between persistence and rudeness, so ensure that your approach is polite at all times, and keep it in the back of your mind that the person you are speaking with is probably not directly involved in the delivery delay. 

Recurrent calls mean an increase in your phone bill. So, I advise that you only go this route if the item costs a reasonable sum. Otherwise, you can resort to sending emails to the appropriate bodies. 

Helpful tips

  • Keep track of the names of everyone that you speak to. 
  • Be polite yet assertive.
  • If you keep receiving the same response after calling multiple times, request that the issue be escalated appropriately. 
  • Ask to speak with management if you do not receive any helpful information.
  • If you’ve called multiple times, tell the agent you are talking to this and also the response you got during your previous calls. 

2. Email As Many People As Possible

First, you need to send an email to IKEA. If you are aware of the third-party organization in charge of your delivery, you can contact them as well. 

If you do not get any positive response, you’d have to take matters into your hands and email anyone who might be of help to you. 

This would not be easy because you would have to personally hunt for the email addresses of people who can be of help. A good place to start is LinkedIn or employee directories. 

Your message should include the following information: 

The good thing is that you do not need to create multiple messages. Besides the salutation, you can send the same email to different people. 

Serious woman typing emails on laptop

Again, ensure that your tone isn’t rude because your manner of approach will determine if you get the help you require or not. 

Reach out to more people and send follow-up emails until you get your desired response. 

3. Contact Them On Social Media

Contacting people on social media is a lot more personal than sending an email, and you need to tread carefully so that you do not come across as invasive or offensive. 

So, start by sending messages to all the official social media handles, before sending messages to individuals. 

It’s pretty easy to ignore a private phone call, email, or dm. So, rather than sending a direct message, you can leave comments on IKEA’s social media posts.

Don’t just limit yourself to one post or one social media platform. Instead, leave comments on different posts and if possible on every social media platform that you have access to. 

Leaving your grievances on the public platform might cause other people that are going through the same problem to sympathize with you and share their grievances as well. 

It would also make it more difficult for them to ignore your message and this might force IKEA’s support team to pay special attention to your complaint.

Note that this should not be a social media smear campaign, and you shouldn’t be one of those people who rant and post hurtful messages on social media. Instead, politely pass your message across, making sure that you let them know that you are dissatisfied with the quality of their service.

4. Cancel Your Order

Canceling your order is the quickest and the most stress-free way to resolve the issue. 

The status of your order would determine how easy it is to cancel your order. 

Items that have not been dispatched can be easily canceled on the “track & manage order” section of IKEA’s website. If the product has been dispatched, your best bet is to contact IKEA with your request. 

Your order number and the email or phone number you used for the order would be required for this process, so ensure that you have them with you while making the cancellation.

The best time to make a cancellation is before it is shipped. If your package has been shipped and you make a cancellation, the cost of the item will be refunded but the delivery fee will not be returned. 

So, unless you do not mind losing the delivery fee, check the status of your package before proceeding with the cancellation. 

Note that you cannot simply cancel delivery in favor of in-person collection and you would have to cancel the order in its entirety and hope that the order is available in-store if you wish to purchase the item yourself. 

An entrance of an IKEA Store

IKEA typically makes refunds within 14 days after order cancellation. However, there might be delays and you might have to wait longer for your refund. 


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