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IKEA Delivery Address | Here’s How You Can Change It

IKEA delivery services offer you the freedom to purchase items and receive them without stepping into an IKEA store. Although you do not get your merchandise immediately, they are expected to be sent to the address provided while making the order.

So, what do you do if you provide the wrong address while purchasing items from IKEA?

The delivery address cannot be changed once an order has been placed online. In-store delivery requests may be changed, but there is very little time to do so. To change the delivery address, the order needs to be canceled and replaced.

You Cannot Change the Delivery Address

Under IKEA’s information about Large Order Deliveries, it says:

“You cannot change the delivery address once your order is placed online.”

The reason for this is that IKEA starts processing orders that are made online or over the phone immediately after they are placed.

If you were to change the address, it would likely not be noted, or it would cause confusion and may result in your order going missing or being delayed.

IKEA currently collaborates with third-party delivery services. These delivery bodies are mostly independent organizations and after the order has been processed, IKEA transfers your delivery details to the delivery vendor or organization. 

After your details have been transferred to them, IKEA doesn’t have complete control over the delivery proceedings, so changing the delivery address at this stage will not make a difference; your items will be delivered to the original address.

Man frustrated while using a laptop and a laptop showing their lamp delivery

To avoid confusion, delays, and extra work for their employees and contractors, IKEA simply takes the option away.

There are some delivery details that can be changed (things like the delivery date and time) by visiting the “my purchases” tab of IKEA’s website as long as the package hasn’t already been sent out. 

What if the Order Is Placed in-Store?

The rule above mentioned online orders specifically, so what about when you arrange delivery in-store?

Local IKEA stores organize the delivery of store-bought items. So, whether you can change the delivery address would depend on the store you are shopping at and the status of the order.

If you are able to reach out to them before your purchases are sent to the delivery agent, you just might be able to change the address. 

However, while online deliveries are expected to arrive within 14 days, those made in-store are usually delivered the following day, so you have very little time to make the change.

Moreover, many stores would probably not allow the change because of the confusion it would bring and the liability it might entail.

Altering/Correcting a Delivery Address

So, you can’t change your delivery address, but surely you can fix it if you make a mistake.

Unfortunately, as frustrating as it seems, correcting an address would cause the same amount of difficulty and confusion as changing it.

The only way around this is to seek out ways of getting your order from the incorrect delivery location (if it exists) or canceling the order, getting your money back, and replacing the order with the correct address. 

However, this is not as simple as it seems.

Problems With Canceling and Reordering

While canceling your order and redoing it is frustrating, the option might be taken away from you entirely.

Your ability to cancel your order is dependent on the status of your order.

The Cancelation Window

IKEA only permits cancelation before orders are picked and packed. 

Orders that are still in the “preparing order” stage, as per the tracking app, can be canceled or rescheduled. However, once it proceeds to the “picking order” status, you will no longer be able to cancel the order.  

Cancel order on IKEA using app on mobile phone, man in PPE packing boxes using a tape

How fast an order progresses is typically dependent on factors like the order size, availability of the product, and delivery location.

Now, IKEA do not have a great track record when it comes to processing orders for delivery. In most cases, this is extraordinarily frustrating. But if you have put in the wrong address, this fact can work in your favor.

You will have more time to cancel the order and place it again with the correct address, or maybe even reconsider getting the items delivered (I’ve heard far too many horror stories to use their delivery service unless it’s my very last option).

Orders that have not yet been dispatched can be canceled from the “Manage & track my order” page of IKEA’s website. If you are unable to click on the “cancel order” button, you’d have to contact IKEA’s customer service unit.

 It is recommended that you contact IKEA as soon as you can so that your order doesn’t proceed further. 

Getting Your Money Back

The problem with canceling the order and reordering is that you might not have the funds to pay for the order again until your refund comes in.

Even though IKEA starts processing your refund as soon as it receives your cancelation request, it can take a while

Refunds are made via the original mode of payment and are expected to arrive within 14 business days after the order cancelation.

But although this is the time frame provided by IKEA, there have been numerous customer complaints about late refunds and poor response from the customer care unit with regard to followups on these matters. 

There have even been instances where customers had to wait for over one month before the refund finally arrived. 

In addition, you might not get back all the money you spent. The status of your order when you make the cancelation will determine how much is refunded. 

For instance, if the order is canceled after it has been shipped, IKEA will deduct the shipping fee while making the refund. This is why it is recommended that you cancel the order as soon as you can to prevent it from going further in the delivery chain. 

I recommend that you check the status of your order before canceling it. You can even call the customer care unit to enquire how much would be deducted if you make a cancelation. This way, you know what to expect.

What if You Miss the Window?

If you are unable to cancel the order and you know the company covering IKEA deliveries in your area, you could try reaching out to them directly.  

If that does not work out, the next line of action is to figure out how you would get your merchandise once it has been delivered because unless there is a hiccup in the delivery line, the order is definitely going to be sent to the address provided. 

Except in select zip codes, IKEA demands that you or a representative who is 18 years or older must be available to receive the package when they arrive. 

Woman with red hat knocking on a two large green doors

Your best bet would be to reach out to the occupants and explain the situation. This might be difficult, especially if they are total strangers. But if you recently moved out, or you made a mistake in the house number, it would be easier to convince them.

IKEA typically sends a text containing the AM or PM 4-hour time slot to the phone number provided 24 hours before delivery, and on the delivery day, you are notified 1 hour before the order is set to arrive.

So, if the homeowner agrees to help you out, you can work the details around the expected delivery time provided by IKEA (however, this is not a guarantee that this is when your delivery will arrive). 

Alternatively, you can hang around the delivery address until the delivery arrives. If you decide to do this, ensure that you go with a method of identification and proof of payment just in case. 

Leaving the order to be delivered without a plan leaves your package at risk of getting into the hands of the wrong person. However, if there is nobody to receive the merchandise when it arrives, the delivery agent might record the order as failed

If you provided a bogus delivery address and the agent discovers this while trying to deliver your package, IKEA would cancel the order and the delivery fee would be deducted. 


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