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IKEA Assembled Furniture Returns | All You Need to Know

You can change your mind about the furniture you bought because you don’t like how it looks assembled, it does not go well with the rest of your décor, or you realize that it is taking up too much space. Your change of heart may also be due to defects that only became visible after assembly.

With regular furniture, you just return it to the store; it’s in the same condition as you received it. But with IKEA furniture, there have been alterations to assemble the piece. However, you do have some options for such returns, and there is a definite process to follow.

Assembled IKEA furniture can be returned within 180 days. ID, proof of purchase, and bank card (if used for purchase) are needed. The item must be in good condition. IKEA may give a full or partial refund or a replacement. There is also a buyback and resell option for older items not eligible for return.

Assembled Furniture Can Be Returned

At IKEA, they are well aware of the variables that lead to the desire to return a product, so they factor them in and offer their customers a generous no-nonsense return policy that applies to assembled products as well.

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You have multiple options when you are looking to return already assembled furniture. If you found a defect, you can claim the product’s warranty.

Depending on the damage, IKEA should either be able to replace the damaged parts, repair the piece, or provide you with a brand new one.

They allow you to return your built furniture even if it is not defective. You have the right to return almost any open item within 180 days, as long as it is unaltered (assembly does not count as alterations), unused, and undamaged. You don’t have to provide the original packaging for a successful return.

And lastly, IKEA also provides all customers with an option to return already assembled and used furniture. It is possible to do so through their  “BuyBack and Resell” service, which is part of IKEA’s efforts to act more sustainably.

What You Need for the Return

The only way you can return assembled furniture is to bring it to your local IKEA store. Then, depending on the type of return you are planning to do, you will need to provide certain documents and/or information.

For No-Nonsense Return

  • You need your government-issued photo ID: no returns are accepted if you can’t provide a valid ID. Your information is only used to authorize the return, and it is retained in a company-wide database.
  • Provide proof of purchase: this can be an IKEA receipt or online order confirmation.
  • Bring your credit or debit card: refunds are issued in the same form as was the original payment. Therefore, if you have initially paid with a card, you need to bring it with you.

For Warranty Claim

  • Proof of purchase: must present either receipt or online order confirmation.
  • Valid photo ID.

For BuyBack and Resell

  • You have to be an IKEA Family member: only members are allowed to participate.
  • Find participating stores and fill out their form: You will then receive the first price quote. Save the estimate and follow the instructions on the form. Depending on the store, you may have to book an appointment for the return.
  • Bring the item: it has to be fully assembled and in good condition (see list of participating products). After inspection, an IKEA employee will give you a price offer that you are free to accept or refuse.
  • You must provide the first estimate you have received from IKEA.
  • Also, bring your ID (just in case).

What Happens to the Items When Returned?

After you bring the item in question to your local IKEA store, one of the IKEA’S return department employees will check your receipt and inspect the product.

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Providing it is unaltered, seems to be unused, and in good condition, the item can be accepted. It is then sold as one of the As-is products.

Items in this section are sold for a discounted price. They are no longer subject to the store’s return policy, so if you got your item from the As-Is section, then a return is not possible.

However, even though they can not be returned anymore, you can still sell them through the Buyback and Resell service.

Large Furniture Can Be Picked Up

Do you want to return an already assembled couch or wardrobe that will not fit into your car in its assembled state?

When you need to return a very large or heavy item, like a couch or a wardrobe, you can take advantage of IKEAs pick-up return service.

It will save you the hassle of transporting oversized furniture and queuing in the shop. You just need to call IKEA and schedule the pick-up for a time that suits you.

The only downfall? This service can be very pricy. The fee should work out the same as a shipment to your location would.

The delivery price starts at around $50 and can get as high as $250 for rural areas. You need to ask yourself whether the price of the pick-up won’t end up being nearly the same as the value of the item you are returning.

A cheaper option might be to rent a trailer yourself.

Will I Get a Full Refund?

Firstly, let’s look at IKEAs regular return policy.

If you can successfully present the necessary documentation and meet all other requirements, such as being within the return time period, your product is eligible for the no-nonsense policy. You are, therefore, entitled to a full refund.

refund credit card money

You will be refunded the net price that is shown on your receipt, not the standard floor cost of the product. So, if you purchased the item at a discounted price, your refund would also be “discounted.”

If you received any promotional items with the purchase that you are trying to return, you need to bring them back together with your product. Otherwise, their value will be deducted from your refund.

When you participate in Buyback and Resell, you are not given money but a gift card. The final value of your voucher will depend on the age and condition of the furniture that you are bringing back. It can be anywhere from 30% to 50% of its original price.

Can I Return Partially Assembled IKEA Furniture

IKEA explicitly states that any furniture you want to sell back to the store must be fully assembled and functional in order for you to be eligible to participate in a Buyback service.

However, there is no mention of partially assembled furniture in IKEA’s return policy on the US website. Here is where it all gets tricky.

After contacting customer service, I was told that the store would accept the items in their original form. And that I should disassemble them. That would mean that you are definitely not allowed to return partially assembled furniture.

At the same time, it implies that you should rather dismantle any fully built products before you return them. Yet, we know that is unnecessary. It could potentially lead to you accidentally damaging an otherwise perfect product.

Many customers have successfully returned their assembled furniture and received a full refund. This leads me to believe that whether your already built products get accepted for return will, amongst other things, depend on which store you go to.

It is safe to say that attempting to return partially assembled furniture is a bad idea. And if you are planning to return fully assembled items, make sure they are in tip-top condition and that you are not missing any pieces.

To make the whole process go smoother, you can bring the original packaging (if you still have it), but, as mentioned earlier, this is not strictly necessary.

And if you are unsure what to do, you should directly contact your local store.


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