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How Strict Is IKEA Return Policy

IKEA is a go-to stop for furniture needs, and the company seems to have gone out of its way to help with returns. There are several options for returns, many of which are not common in other companies, such as full refunds and repairs and even collection services. Talk about good customer service!

Much of the relevant information regarding returns is scattered across the company website, so I have compiled it all in one place for you.

IKEA has a very accommodating 356-day return policy. Proof of purchase is crucial. Refunds can be given on opened, unopened, and gifted items. Used and assembled products are subject to evaluation for modification and damage, and there is also a buyback service.

IKEA Have Good Return Policies

IKEA is not as strict as some companies when it comes to their return policies. They allow for all kinds of situations and circumstances. While it is not a no-questions-asked policy, as that would not be sustainable, they offer many options and have decent return times.

Reading IKEA Catalogue

They have a 365 day “no-nonsense” policy. With this policy, you can return a product that did not meet your expectations, was not right, or you changed your mind about, within a year and receive a full refund (where applicable) if the product is unused and is also in good condition for reselling.

One thing to note is that there is no option for online returns.

Returning Unopened IKEA Products

IKEA will allow you to return any unopened, new product within a year (365 days) as long as you have proof of purchase. Not only that, but you can get a full refund.

You have the option of using IKEA’s Removal and Pick-up service. IKEA will collect the product from you if the service is available in your area; you just need to get it to your garage, covered porch, or doorstep.

Sometimes, IKEA will process a post-365-day return, but because this is not included in their main policy, there are a lot of variables.

Returning Opened Products

You have 180 days (nearly 6 months!) to return an opened product. If you have the proof of purchase, you can even get a full refund.

Mattress purchases are eligible for a single exchange (one for another) within 90 days of the purchase.

Ikea Slakt Mattress Folding 003.629.68

If you are looking to return a damaged item, IKEA can either offer you a replacement part, a full replacement (they will offer an equivalent if the product is discontinued), or they will send out a repair team. IKEA will fund the repairs, and unless there are extra fees involved in accessing the item, you will incur no charge.

The repairs will only be done on an unmodified item and as long as the care instructions have been followed.

Returning Used Products

Returns on used products depend on an evaluation by IKEA. If the item is under warranty (which starts on the day of purchase) and you have proof of purchase, your item will be evaluated to determine whether the situation falls under the warranty terms.

IKEA will then repair the item at their cost or will offer you a replacement. The replacement will be comparable to the item you purchased if the exact same model is no longer available. IKEA decides on an appropriate replacement.

Woman choosing the right furniture

The repair or replacement will be voided by modified items, items that have had repairs that IKEA does not authorize, and if there has been incorrect assembly or care for the item. Furthermore, warranties do not cover general wear on products.

If you are unable to return a used product, you could sell it to someone else who does want it or you can sell it back to IKEA with their Buyback & Resell service. Eligible products must fall under the following conditions:

  • Must be an IKEA product.
  • Is in good condition and suitable for resale.
  • Is complete and functional.
  • Is returned properly assembled.
  • Is clean and unmodified.

Product types that qualify for the service include: (Note: this list is taken from the IKEA site to supply clear and direct information.)

  • Dressers.
  • Office drawer cabinets.
  • Display storage.
  • Small structures with drawers.
  • Chest of drawers.
  • Sideboards.
  • Bookcases.
  • Shelf units.
  • Multimedia furniture.
  • Dining tables.
  • Small tables.
  • Cabinets.
  • Desks.
  • Unupholstered chairs and stools.

Returning Assembled Products

Assembled items are included in the no-nonsense return policy. If you would no longer like to keep the item, you can return it to IKEA as long as it is still in good condition and is unused. IKEA will likely take the item back after subjecting it to their return policy procedures.

Pretty, young woman choosing the right furniture or carpet for her apartment

Assembled products might fall under the warranty if you are trying to return them based on fault or damage. In this case, IKEA will repair or replace the item, provided it has been correctly stored, assembled, and cared for.

Assembled products might also be eligible for the Buyback & Resell service. This requires unmodified items that are completely assembled. It would probably also help if you were to include the spares that came with the item when you return the piece.

Online Returns

For small items from online orders, you can either take the item to the Exchanges & Returns department, or you can return the item via mail. If you are going to return the item through mail, you will need to follow the instructions on the return slip (example of a return slip).

IKEA paper receipt as woman eats inside IKEA food

You will need to place the completed slip and proof of purchase (printed copy of receipt or order number will suffice) into a sealed package or box. The company states that you can contact them or visit a store if you have no receipt, so don’t give up hope yet!

Address your package to the IKEA RETURNS DEPARTMENT at the nearest store location, and you will be liable for the delivery charge. (This is the Brooklyn branch if your nearest store is in Queens).

The return will be processed, during which it will undergo routine inspections and evaluations. You can expect your refund within 7-10 working days of IKEA receiving the item if it is eligible.

Gift Returns

If you created a gift registry with IKEA but received duplicates, you simply need to print a return receipt from your gift registry account. With this, you can return a gift and receive a gift card amounting to the item’s value.

Any gifted item that is not from a registry (this includes if you had a registry, but the item was not on it) is returned via the standard return procedure. If that gift did not come with a receipt or proof of the order number, unfortunately, you will not be able to complete a return. But you are welcome to contact customer support: 1-888-888-4532.

What IKEA Will Not Accept

IKEA will not refund or exchange the products if they have been damaged, dirtied, or modified. They also do not accept returns on the following products:

  • Cut fabric.
  • As-is products.
  • Custom countertops.
  • Plants.

As-is products include returned items, discontinued products, and demo or display room items. These items are inspected by IKEA to ensure they are functional and safe for resale, but you can also contact the company about missing assembly items, like screws.

Ikea Karlby Countertop Birch Veneer 74x1 1/2 903.352.06

IKEA will not conduct a return or refund if you do not have your receipt and a valid “government issued photo ID” as your identification details will be used to authorize the process.

IKEA will not refund you in a different form of payment to the one you purchased the item with. This means that you won’t be able to get cash on a card purchase or credit on a cash purchase.

You won’t receive the full refund on an item that included an additional promotion if you don’t return the promotional item as well. Instead, you will be refunded with the price of the promotional item deducted.

You will only be refunded the price on the receipt. So, for example, if you purchased a sale item, you will not be refunded at the standard floor price.


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