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How to Know if IKEA Product Is Discontinued

Every year, IKEA releases its new catalog, which promotes a new collection of items that will become available. In order to make room for these new items, older items are often discontinued. This can make it harder for customers to find these products or parts for these items.

There are three main ways to determine if an IKEA product has been discontinued. But, even after discontinued items have been removed from the official IKEA website, there are still many other ways one can get a hold of these discontinued products.

If an item is not found in the catalog or has been moved to the list of “Last Chance” items, it often indicates that the IKEA product has been discontinued. The IKEA store can also be called for confirmation.

Last Chance Items Have Been Discontinued

Items found in the “Last Chance” sections of IKEA, both online and in-store, consist of the remaining stock of items that IKEA is trying to sell off to make room for new collections and designs. If you find an item listed here, then the design has been discontinued.

Thus, to avoid buying discontinued items, it is advisable to stay clear of items that are labeled as Last Chance items. Often finding parts for these items can be tricky because they are no longer being produced.

In-store, these items normally have yellow markers that indicate they are part of Last Chance products.

The IKEA website publishes an online catalog of their Last Chance items that list all available stock on discontinued IKEA products. This website is updated regularly and indicates which retail stores house have residual stock of the product.

Pros and Cons of Buying Last Chance

Even though it is possible to buy discontinued products from the Last Chance items list, and it certainly comes with benefits, there are also significant drawbacks that you should consider.


Reduced prices

Most items in the Last Chance list have been significantly marked down from their original price to remove unwanted stock. You are likely to get a discount ranging from 10% to as much as 50% on an item!

IKEA products are of lower quality than some other furniture companies, and they are priced to match this, which is what makes them so affordable.

However, with the reduced prices of Last Chance items, what you pay for the quality you receive can be considered real value for money, even if the piece only lasts you 3-4 years.

Bulk/Collection Deals

Along with reducing the price on single items, if whole ranges have been discontinued, then IKEA may sell collections for less than the cost of individual reduced items.

Try Something You Wouldn’t Have

When buying items that have been reduced and discontinued, you are limited in your choice, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It may mean that you experiment with a style or design that you wouldn’t have considered before, and you may end up loving it!


Trouble Acquiring Spare/Replacement Parts

As mentioned briefly, when you purchase a discontinued item, you may have trouble getting your hands on spares and replacement parts because they are no longer being produced. Doing so becomes harder over the years.

tools and parts for furniture assembly

While IKEA would still be able to replace certain universal components for discontinued products, things like screws or dowels, often custom-made parts are rare to find and harder to supply.

Choice Is Limited

Last Chance items are often very limited in terms of color, design, and the products themselves. As IKEA stops producing these items, the choice of variety is decreased as left-over stock is the only thing left available for customers.

Competition for Limited Items

There is no guarantee there will be sufficient stock on limited items, which makes competition high. This can make it difficult for you to find or obtain your intended item without it being sold out before you make your decision.

This is particularly tricky because IKEA will not allow you to reserve an item that has low stocks, and Last Chance items definitely qualify as low-stocked items.

Discontinuing products that are not selling as well as they should is one of ways that IKEA keeps costs low and prices cheap.

Items Removed From Catalogue

Most items removed from the annual IKEA Catalogue have been discontinued as opposed to simply being out of stock.

Reading IKEA Catalogue

Most stock statuses of items and availability in your local IKEA retail store can be checked online. A non-discontinued item will still show up in the catalog, even if there are no stocks. It will just state that an item is out of stock.

If the item does not appear in the catalog, however, then it has likely been discontinued.

Occasionally, IKEA will redesign past favorites that will become available at a later stage, but they will once again be listed in the catalog; they don’t appear as part of some secret IKEA menu that you have to know to ask for in order to get the furniture.

IKEA offers a chance to purchase discontinued products from its Circular hub (As-Is) marketplace on its website. This allows you to search IKEA stores for discontinued items that may be available as pre-assembled pieces. These items, however, are products that have been slightly used or served as showroom displays but still maintain usability and safety.

Call the Store

Most items can be checked online or at your local store. An alternative option is to call your local IKEA retail for this information. Here you can inquire if a certain product has been discontinued or if it is simply out of stock at your local retail store or within your country.


Customer services operate from Sunday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm (ET) and are reachable with the number 1-888-888-4532.

The IKEA website also provides an online chat portal that allows you to check the stock availability. No option is provided to learn whether a product has been discontinued or not, but if it does not show up here, then it is likely to have been discontinued.

Can You Buy Discontinued IKEA Products?

As previously mentioned, IKEA’s As-Is marketplace does provide a chance to purchase second-hand discontinued items as well as some replacement parts.

IKEA provides replacement parts for most of its products—even some discontinued products. You can order them from IKEA’s online website. IKEA sometimes provides these replacements for free, depending on the size and part in question.

Discontinued items and replacement parts will only be available while they are in stock. So, if you are looking years after an item has been discontinued, you will probably have more luck buying it second-hand.

Online retailers such as eBay, Craigslist, Etsy, Amazon, Swedish Furniture Parts, or Facebook offer stock of discontinued items. These online retailers also sell replacement parts for discontinued items.


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