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How Much Does It Cost to Run a 5 Cubic Foot Freezer

Chest freezers are a very economical way to add extra freezer space. Many people think that they are expensive to run, but this is not the case.

It costs between $26 and $63 to run a 5 cubic ft. freezer for one year and $2.16 per month. The cost varies so much since electricity prices are different.

This is assuming the national average electricity cost of $0.12 per Kwh and 218 annual kilowatt-hours electricity usage for the 5 cubic ft. freezer.

Electricity prices vary from $0.9 in North Dakota to 0.29 in Hawaii

This is why I have included a calculator so you can calculate how much it will cost with your electricity prices. You can find your kwh price from the last utility bill.

If you don’t have access to this info, there is a table under the calculator with average electricity prices for different regions of the USA.

New England$0.2
Middle Atlantic$0.15
East North Central$0.13
West North Central$0.11
South Atlantic$0.11
East South Central$0.105
West South Central$0.11
Mountain $0.11
Pacific Contiguous$0.16
Pacific Noncontiguous$0.25
US average$0.12
2020 December average electricity prices across the US

How Many Amps Does a 5 Cubic Foot Freezer Use?

Typical starting amps for 5 cubic foot freezer is 6 amps and after the motor has started it will draw about 1 amp.

The freezer should be on a dedicated circuit to prevent other appliances/lights from tripping the breaker and ruining your food.

How Many Watts Does a 5 Cubic Foot Chest Freezer Use?

Average 5 cubic foot freezer will use 700 watts during startup and about 100 watts when running.

How Long Is a 5 Cubic Feet Freezer?

Typical measurements are as follows:

Width – 25″

Height – 31-1/2″ with the lid closed and 52-3/4″ with the lid opened 90 degrees as seen from the image.

Depth – 21-5/8″

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